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Totem Talk: Haste and restoration shaman {WoW}

Mar 31st 2010 4:53PM Keep in mind that there are a couple reasons why your overhealing is going to be artificially low.

The first reason is heal stream. If you drop HST the overhealing does not show up. If your group is fully topped off the HST is pure overheal.

The second reason is chain heal. If your glyphed chain heal hits for 10k the total possible heal effect would be 21760 (10k + 6k + 3600 + 2160). If that chain heal hits the first target for 9k and does not bounce you see a heal of 9k and an overheal of 1k and nothing more and it would look like you are only recording 11% overheal. Recount does not have a way of dealing with the remainder of 11760 of wasted heal. If it recorded the wasted heal as overheal you would have about 125% overheal on that particular cast. In any case your heal/mana and your effective heal/second (EHPS) are going to suck.

If you were using nothing but chain heal during a fight and the wasted heal was counted as overheal you would think differently about your efficiency. Too bad the current tools out there cant really account for this. If anyone out there has the ability to make a mod that does nothing but count the number of times chian heal hits 1, 2, 3 , or 4 targets per cast that would help many shaman with their efficiency and spell selection.

Totem Talk: Choosing a role for restoration {WoW}

Mar 24th 2010 3:13PM As with the others here that have commented on this article I have found myself dissapointed with the depth of the advice offered in this particular column. The continued reccommendation of the Water Mastery glyph is the biggest case of this that points to a bigger problem.

No shaman in the comments of this column (or any other blogger for that matter) can really advise using this glyph. Every time that the author hints that the user may be having mana issue this is the first suggestion on how to deal with the problem. The issue I have is that very rarely is an MP5 issue really an issue of actual MP5.

Question: Why does a healer runs out of mana during an encounter?

Answer: They cast more heals than they had mana regen + initial mana over the duration of the fight.

Solution (according to this author): You need to get more MP5. You should use the Water Mastery glyph.


This line of thinking clearly does not offer any analysis their real problems.

The answer they should have arrived at is this: My heal/mana was not sufficient to sustain the healing requried to handle the incoming damage for the duration fight.

Ok... this is better. How do you get more heal/mana? This is simple. More throughput. This can only be achieved though SP, Crit, Totems, and proper glyphs. A Earth Shield glyph for example increases heal/mana and heal/second on your earth shield (think of this in a TTL aspect). Using a heal stream totem increases your heal/second (assuming that it is ticking on targets not at full health) but also your heal/mana since the totem is cheap and works for a long time after it is cast. Note that haste works a little different in that it increases the maximum heal/second but does not change the heal/mana per spell - its constraint is mana available.

The other issue that I think needs to be addressed sooner than later is consumables. The paltry 30 MP5 glyph that keeps getting reccommended can easily be obtained through the usage of a top level mageblood elixer. There is no elixer in the game that offers and extra chain heal target or 20% on my Earth Shield. I would pay ungodly amounts of gold if there was. There are also plenty of food buff options that offer desired stats. The point of a glyph (or appropriate relic since those work more like glyphs than does a wand or bow for other classes) is that I get a feature or buff that is not a flat stat increase.

Finally, every resto shaman should carry around both sets of drums. If a pally is in the group you can coordinate with them to give you wisdom in additon to the 8% kings buff instead of their 10% version. This frees up your water totem to be used as healing stream (or cleansing as needed) and as mentioned above gives you overall throughput (straight healing or GCDs from not cleansing) when you most need it - i.e. when people are taking damage.

Every time I read this column I get the idea that the author is trying to solve a throughput issue with more MP5. IMO this is a rookie mistake and lacks any hint of depth of analysis.

Gold Capped: Auction house addon list {WoW}

Mar 1st 2010 1:33PM I am surprised that nobody here has mention AuctionMaster. It is lightweight, easy to use and gets the job done quickly.

Postal is a great suggestion. I don't know how I used the in-game mail system for so long before I installed postal.

Time Is Money: Profit off the Titansteel cooldown removal {WoW}

Feb 25th 2010 12:34PM --------- If someone was holding off on an expensive BoE, this reduction might put it into their price range. That means that the demand for other items that go into BoE gear will increase. I'm predicting that Primordial Saronite, at the least, will see a spike in demand for a couple of days after the patch, and I bought 9 of them just in case I'm right. ---------

This part seems a bit foolish to me. It is suggesting that someone was unwilling to make the BoE crafted item because the titansteel cost too much and not the orbs/primordials that go along with it. I can only envision the prices of primordials going down as people finish buying the EoF they want and have the extra emblems to spend on a quaranteed money maker. Titansteel has nothing to do with this.

Totem Talk: Restoration 101 {WoW}

Feb 19th 2010 11:45AM I am going to make a suggestion on glyphs that I don't think anyone has yet addressed. Unless you are raid healing 25 man content the Glyph of Chain Heal is actually a really poor glyph.

The glyph allows your CH to hit a 4th target. Keep in mind that each bounce is reduced in power by 40%. So if we look at it in terms of % of the first hit we get this:

1st taget - 100%
2nd heal - 60%
3rd heal - 36%
4th heal (from the glyph) - 21.6%

This means that in comparison to the initial heal your glyphed chain heal bounce will be about 1/5. If your initial heal is 10k your 4th hit is 2160. Seems decent until you realize how often a chain heal might stop before you get to that last bounce (due to range, spacing, or everyone might be topped off). When you consider the value of that last bounce vs. the total heal of the entire chain heal this glyph has a MAXIMUM potential of increasing your total chain heal output by 11% ( 21.6 / 196 ). This assumes that every CH you cast will hit the 4th target and not cause any overheal.

Considering that the starter shaman is likely running heroics and the occasional 10-man I think this is a deceptively underpowered glyph. IMO this glyph is underwhelming even in 10-man content and downright worthless if the shaman is tank healing in any way. While there are encounters in 10-man raiding that might make this attractive the numbers for general usage just dont support this.

Now the problem with not taking this glyph is that there are not many good alternatives once you get past the Earth Shield and LHW glyph. If mana problems are an issue the the Water Mastery glyph might look attractive but even a mageblood elixer offers roughly the same benefit.

The glyph that I think many shaman (epsecially for heroic/10man healers) should give a more serious consideration to is the Healing Stream totem. The glyph gives a straight 20% bonus to healing stream and that totem scales directly with SP. For 5-man healing it will really help take care of splash damage that is not recurring (the rogue stepped in the fire for 1 tick? does the hunter pet need to be topped off? let the totem take care of it). I think a lot of starter shaman will find they can do without the mana spring - especially if a pally gives them wisdom - and will gain more healing out of the healing stream.

One last note, a resto shaman should always have the 2 level 80 drums on them. The added resists and the low powered kings buff can make the difference between a rough healing adventure much more manageable. Even if a pally is in group with you they can then give out wisdom/might/sanctuary while your 8% kings is active.

Overall, this is a good article and I think a lot of the information is good for new 80 resto shaman even if it is not great for ICC10/25 raiders due to gear scaling. I look forward to more. Thanks!