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Ghostcrawler says no buff to Beast Mastery hunter pet damage {WoW}

Feb 19th 2010 7:01PM You're in the sweet spot of BM. Keep it up. When the rest of your raid is in ICC25 doing 7k, 8k, or 9k... your BM hunter will still be at 5.8-6k

BM is great when you're overgeared for the instance, or doing older content (yes, ToC is old now). When it's in the cutting edge raid, with cutting edge gear, it just can't keep up.

I was there 3 weeks ago. Raiding ICC10 and occasionally ICC25 as BM. I was doing 5k on bosses, and 7-9k on AoE (doesn't matter really)... switched to MM after reading the linked article on BM raiding and saw my dps go up 800-1k instantly (that's close to that 20% mark, for those keeping score at home).

Anyway, Best of luck to you. :)