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Epic: Consoles must be 'bleeding edge' in next generation {Joystiq}

Mar 12th 2012 10:45PM @GeraltRivia Yep, Apple. That company that is now shipping a large chunk of gaming capable devices in the market, called the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. With annual updates where graphics performance jumps up noticeably every year.

Epic has first hand experience here, being that they have Unreal 3 on iOS, and already license it out to a number of companies.

And for anyone discounting Apple here, keep in mind they have one other iOS based device, called an AppleTV. The recent update even changed the UI to easily accept apps. And it has bluetooth, the same thing the PS3 uses for it's controllers.

Already, you can play a 4 player split screen racing game with a combination of an AppleTV and 4 other iOS devices.

To discount Apple in the gaming arena would be silly. More and more AAA game studios are taking a look at iOS. Along with the already existing vibrant indie community there. No, they will never make the hardcore build it yourself PC enthusiast gaming crowd happy. But quite honestly, that market segment is a shrinking percentage in the grand scheme of who can be called a gamer these days. You can either choose to be bitter and elitist about it, or embrace a future where more and more people are gamers, even if they happen to be playing on a fruit company device.

The Daily Grind: Do you game on a Mac? {Massively}

Feb 12th 2012 2:32PM For MMOs especially, a native Mac client (or if it must, a Cider/Wine wrapped port) is my preferred way to play. It's so much easier to just click and play, while keeping access to my bookmarked web sites, IM conversations, Ventrilo setup and other things. Rebooting is annoying enough that a game needs to engage me quite a bit for me to tolerate it.

It's a good engineering challenge too. Exposing the game code to multiple compilers can reveal some bugs in the codebase. It also ensures your customers who use both platforms can play your game wherever.

I know the naysayers will point to the OS X marketshare and claim it's low, however numbers don't always reveal the full truth. How much of that Windows marketshare is corporate machines that will never play a game? How many are so low end, they can't play a game? There is enough of a market to justify the expense of a port. Blizzard does it, dating back decades now. Valve is now doing it as well, as are more and more companies. If there wasn't money in it, these companies wouldn't be releasing their games for both platforms.

EverQuest Mac fans fight for survival; SOE responds {Massively}

Feb 1st 2012 10:43AM I'd like to see SOE take the Mac more seriously. EQ Mac was a joke, since it separated the player base. You weren't an EQ player, you were a Windows player of a Mac player. If you happened to own both (like a Windows desktop and a Mac laptop), you lacked the ability to just play on one world with either platform.

Blizzard, and now Valve do things really right. Day and day Mac/PC releases, on the same servers. Portal 2 was nice since I could play it on my laptop, or on my gaming PC. Didn't matter. Above the platform choice, I am a gamer first.

Why bash someones choice of a platform? All that does is push people out of the community, vs having more gamers to play with. Choice is a good thing.

The Game Archaeologist uncovers Shadowbane: The highlights {Massively}

Aug 3rd 2011 11:51AM The article missed one of the main reasons I enjoyed Shadowbane, developer run events in game. This mostly only occurred in the earlier days, but they led to some of my best online gaming moments across any game.

One that really stands out is the Morloch event they did across (then) all ten servers. Morloch was the god of chaos in their lore, and it happened to be the guy my guild of minotaurs worshipped. On the nine other servers, all the players pretty much banded together to try and banish him, and it worked. The event for them lasted a few hours.

When he stepped foot on our server though, our guild showed up basically asking "How can we serve you". The initial events occurred on Friday, and due to our interaction, the staff played out a much longer series of story element. They had us chasing down items in certain places, sparking battles against those trying to stop Morloch. The event ended up running during the weekend, with the event staff continuing to push things forward. Over time, one of the sub guilds (a guild of shape shifters, with their own reasons for potentially helping Morloch) on the mainland broke away from their parent guild to ally with us. This now presented three sides to the event, with each side experiencing some unique things. The event ended up coming to a conclusion on Monday, with Morloch successful due to our guild. While the "good guys" managed to destroy Morloch's town in the end, they did so only after he had changed his binding to be my guilds hometown. I still have a screenshot somewhere of him standing in the middle of our town, with our guilds tag on him, and his tag as the sub guild.

The game had a lot of promise, but it also had a lot of bugs and gameplay issues in the early times. While some were really annoying, I was glad I played, and still maintain contact with some of my former guild mates to this day. I mostly stopped playing around late 2004, but still have fond memories today.

Apple lays out $11 billion in purchase commitments {}

Apr 27th 2011 12:45AM Apple management acts very similar to some notable Japanese companies, in that they tend to focus on long term roadmaps for the business such as 10 year plans. I compare that to the companies that are more interested in the stock price and next quarters report. Having worked for 3 different major computer companies, I've seen a lot that does work, and a lot that doesn't. When a company ends up focusing too much on the short term, they lose long term. At the lower levels, the focus on short term results usually leads to a lot of contract jobs, and no stable base. Without loyal employees at that layer, usually associated with customer support, it can harm the companies reputation badly.

I'm always impressed by how Apple handles business, especially after seeing the bad up close and personal.

Blast from the past: Steve Jobs talks location privacy issues {}

Apr 26th 2011 11:15PM Video plays fine on an iPad if you go to their site instead of trying to playing the embed here.

In the Apple/Samsung lawsuit, the picture doesn't tell the story {}

Apr 20th 2011 11:21AM A ripoff in a month to only show at an expo then ship later? Sure. all they needed to do was fabricate a new case design in a limited quantity and throw existing innards inside. They could clean it up later for manufacturing.

Look at how quick Samsung showed off a thinner Galaxy Tab 10, directly attributed to how thin the iPad 2 was. One of their execs was quoted as saying they were surprised Apple made it that thin in the first revision to the platform and kept the same price, so Samsung scrambled to respond. They cranked out a prototype case and showed it at an expo under glass. One expo later, they showed working models.

Portal 2 on PS3: How to redeem the free Steam copy for your PC {Joystiq}

Apr 19th 2011 6:09PM @Dante940 The physical DCUO discs are not locked to your account. However, there is no way to obtain a new code for DCUO to create an account without buying a new copy of DCUO (either disc based or via PSN).

iCade iPad arcade cabinet one step closer to late May release {}

Apr 14th 2011 7:47PM "The cabinet was originally seen as an April Fool's Day joke on ThinkGeek, but in the past few years it's steadily moved towards reality, "

Past few years? Guess I missed the ThinkGeek joke when they showed some mythical unannounced Apple Tablet in an arcade cabinet :-)

(It's only been a year now)

Garry mods Garry's Mod to catch pirates {Joystiq}

Apr 13th 2011 6:15PM Really funny to see the outrage about this. Pirates always enjoy saying how what they do isn't theft. And while technically correct, it turns into theft if you ask for support. At that point, you are stealing resources that should be available only to those who chose to pay for the product. Same for any online game. Pirating it and still playing it online? You are stealing server resources that were put into place for paying customers. Too many pirates trying to connect could bring down a server, restricting paying customers from getting what they paid for. Especially if the vendor is doing on demand server creation, watching actual sales to determine server capacity.

If you want to pirate something and still try to keep the moral high ground by saying it's not theft, make sure to keep your system offline and never ask for help with a problem.