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Blood Sport: Iron sharpens iron, part 5 {WoW}

Jul 12th 2011 8:52PM a) Your articles are why I check this site weekly, even when I don't have access to WoW

EVE Evolved: Casual gameplay and public groups {Massively}

May 30th 2011 12:54PM @(Unverified)
Complaining about the death penalty is both silly and valid, I think. What needs to happen is the death penalty needs to be less punishing to new players. Older players, with built up isk and assets, will a) rarely be flying something they can't afford to lose and b) usually have one or more spare, already fitted ships waiting. As a newbie, "death" can mean 30minutes or more of flying around collecting a new ship and all the modules you want for it - and that's assuming you have the isk for it. What I think needs to happen is a graduated penalty, where players with under 1 month of play time and less thab X amount of isk are compensated with an exact copy of any cruiser or below that they lose, complete with all non-t2 modules.

Also, the instanced battleground with no penalty for dying (maybe an entrance fee?) would be a fantastic addition, in my opinion, that will never happen due to the mentality of the devs and existing player base. The Alliance Tournament is a pretty big hit with fans, and yet most people never get to compete. What if there was a permanent "Corp Tournament" with smaller brackets (3-5 a side, different hull class brackets too) and a cash prize for winning in isk that would compensate a newly fitted ship (t1 modules maybe), so that every win would pay for every loss. Add a ranking system, and you've got some fun for casual players. Oh well.

EVE Evolved: Casual gameplay and public groups {Massively}

May 29th 2011 8:23PM I'm in love with the Eve universe and backstory, and I've subbed to the game on three occasions (for maybe 8-9months total). I've tried faction warfare (after it had "died", sadly), tried to get into a couple of corps that were actively doing things in 0.0 but got turned down, and been a part of a couple of different "Casual" corps, which were semi-inactive and rarely did group activities.

I think Eve has such great potential, but is really missing some dedicated content for casual gamers. And I think it's on purpose - there seemed, to me, to be a very real feeling of hostility towards me as a casual gamer from other players involved in more engaging content than mission running, of "hardcore gamer elitism" from these people. And I think this sense might be shared by some of the dev team, but who knows.

I wonder if Incursions are something I'd enjoy? But mostly I wish there would be dedicated, casual-friendly content that provided all the thrill I got from my brief pvp encounters, without the hours of organizing and set up, and with some form of cost-mitigation that makes it accessible from week 1 or 2 of gameplay.

The Soapbox: The unfairer sex {Massively}

Mar 22nd 2011 12:18PM @(Unverified)
Just replying here to give your post more visibility. Agreed with your points.

@The writer of this post
How can you write an opinion piece like this (which you are, of course, fully entitled to do) and not see how it comes across as someone who is either unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality (your arguments, when taken to further extremes, are the same arguments that support banning videogames that are mildly fact I think Massively had an opinion piece on that being bad, at some point) OR as someone who is unsure-of/afraid-of/jealous-of/insecure-about sex and sexuality. Sex exists. Lots of people like sex, attractive bodies, fantasy bodies. These things sell, not because of some evil corporate ploy, but because people LIKE them. Sex sells because people like sex. Why are all the models I see attractive? Why are 90% of actresses women who make my pulse quicken?

The holy crusaders against violence, sex, alcohol and drugs in videogames, music, and movies would probably be well-served by some solid introspection. Are their own minds so infirm that, upon seeing some skin, they are instantly aroused into a mindless, bigoted, sex-addict? Or are they perhaps insecure or jealous of some part of a fantasy? If the first - seek help. If the second - deal with reality, appreciate fantasy, and don't confuse the two.

And if you can't appreciate the idea of a sexy fantasy, that doesn't cater to realistic armour models and body-shapes, perhaps videogames, movies, music, and most modern novels are not suitable entertainment mediums for you. (Though there are heavy levels of snark in that comment, it is made in all seriousness).

Arcane Brilliance: News and notes for mages from PTR patch 4.0.6 {WoW}

Jan 15th 2011 5:56PM "As a class, we're in a good place in PvP at present, which of course means everybody else thinks we're overpowered, meaning this won't be the last time the nerf bat grazes us."

If by "PvP" you mean PvPvE ie Alterac Valley & Isle of Conquest...maybe. I think I'm overpowered in PvP right now though. I miss when playing a mage required skill and finesse, and I could tell a good one from a bad one very quickly. Now all I see is icelance spam. Turn on recount, go in a BG, and check out the mages around you. 80%+ of damage done is often coming from mindless ice lance spam. Why did I get Ring of Frost? Was there a huge mob of angry mages on the forums complaining about my lack of control that I missed? I'd gladly give the entire ability to Balance Druids or Elemental Shamans.

Slight rant at your obvious bias aside, I do feel your PvE vs. PvP dilemma. Changes to one that seem completely reasonable often have a huge impact on the other. Resto Druids lost the ability to lifebloom more than one target because their PvE healing would have been out of control, but now they are even more vulnerable to switches in PvP, which I hardly thought possible (also, spellsteal, heh :D ). Death Knights had a horrendous run with Scourge Strike & the unholy tree being redesigned every major content patch in LK (I got a lot of free respecs), making the ability no longer the main attack in PvP (Death Coil) due to the nerfs, and yet keeping it incredibly strong in PvE. Warlocks, much as I'm sure you and other mages hate them, almost had a ridiculous change to their Fel Armor for what may have been PvP reasons, all though nobody thought the old Fel Armor was out of control since they all sit in Demon Armor anyway.

"Nerf in PvP only, unless the PvE usage of the spell also warrants a nerf. If the PvE usage of a spell requires a nerf, but not the PvP usage, feel free to apply this wisdom in reverse. If you get to the point where a spell becomes too far removed in one aspect of the game than the other, perhaps you need to reconsider the spell entirely."

The issue with your opinion is that you aren't actually considering what "PvE usage" means, and how it's different from "PvP usage". A Frost Mage rarely has to worry about kiting a boss, rarely has to spend the ENTIRE fight trying to avoid damage while also doing damage. Rarely has to CC and interrupt on multiple targets while avoiding huge amounts of damage AND while creating large amounts of pressure through his own damage. If you removed all of a my damage spells except ice lance, and combined all the damage and damage-on-proc abilities into ice lance, you'd see the same damage in PvE (by definition of this hypothetical). Maybe a little more on fights requiring movement. Maybe a little less on fights where DoT ticks are more important. But PvP would be a different beast entirely.

The two need to be separate because movement, positioning, control, "tanking", interrupting and CCing mean very different things in PvP opposed to PvE. There's more to my class than just damage. And I couldn't tank a raid boss :D

Interesting article though.