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The Colosseum: Aethros of Cenarion Circle {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2010 12:57PM All the posters below are completely Wrong, TSG was first coined for the blizzard 5v5 tournament by Veev/Veex (aka snugglme from DOTA) for their 5v5 Team consisting of Warrior Warlock Mage Druid Paladin (Where Veex played warlock). The term TSG was actually derived from a korean term Gosu meaning pro. The true team name is

Teh Supeh Gosus (Translating roughly to the super pros)

Don't believe me? Go check out Veev's blog on Gameriot

And as an addendum I'm in veev's guild on Live (Slash Bite) on Executus so I have a"bit" more inside information than you people do ^^

@ ceiyoan

No, Zilea wasn't even a part of TSG back in the day (S2/S3) he had no say in the matter

[in fact the glorious furious gladiator global champion zilea zitface catlover was among the most hated players on BG9 at the time : ) ]