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Battleground sploitz and Blizzard's responsibility {WoW}

Oct 10th 2006 7:49PM That's amazing I just wrote nearly the exact same comment as #1 word for word. All that typing for nothing but you summed it up perfectly.

The real exploits involve doing the absolute minimal keystrokes to not be considered /afk. This allows people to leech honor and rep at a ridiculous rate doing absolutely nothing. Put a glass on the up key, watch a movie, get ranks, if a GM stops by say "hi, yes I'm at my keyboard"...too easy. This is something that actually needs to be looked at.

WoW Rookie: Choose Your Realm Wisely {WoW}

Sep 30th 2006 9:42PM I would also recommend having a quick read of the realm forums for a realm you are interested in.

Although they will no doubt be filled with mindless crap, you can get a quick idea of the sort of people you may be playing with and the problems they have. Some common sense things to look out for:

1) How many guilds and what type of guilds seem to be recruiting on the server? Also, are there public runs of various instances?

2) Are there a large number of people complaining about lag, constant resets, login queues and other technichal problems? Some realms just aren't as stable as others.

3) Are people posting things that fit with your playstyle? Is there RP on the RP realm? Does the PvP realm actually have some world PvP or just battlegrounds and campers with nothing in between?

I personally found my realm by picking the realm with the most amusing RP forum posts. I have yet to be disappionted by the quality of the players there. Although, I should have looked at the census data more carefully and noticed the realm's age and massive number of old-time 60's. At least then I would have realised that I'd be solo grinding for quite a few levels.