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WoW Rookie: What's "move out of the fire" in your language? {WoW}

Mar 11th 2010 12:39PM Alternative Italian (using Neapolitan dialect)
btw Ive found lots of my fellow countrymen (Italians) on Darkspear (EU ofc)

Hello = Ue'
Goodbye = Stat'buon
Please = (not used)
Thank you = (not used)
Yes = Si
No = No
I don't know. = Nu'sacc

I'll tank. = aggia' tanka
I'll heal. = sung o' dotto'

Buffs = abuffami sce' (buff names saty the same)
Divine Spirit
Mark of the Wild
Arcane Intellect
Blessing of Kings
Blessing of Might

Please turn off Aspect. = uaglio' chi e o strunz che si e messo (insert aspect name)

Ready? Iamm
Ready! Iamm!
BRB = nun ci sto
Wait, please. = aspe'

Follow me. = seguitemi
Go. = E vai
Stop. = Ferm! Porca troia aggia dit i ferma! Ma vaffa....
Which way? = (no one would admit to being lost - not used)
Right = di la
Left = di la
Straight = di la (its up to you to determine which way he means)
North = Su
South = giu'
East = la
West = la
Up = angopp
Down = abbasc

Let the tank pull. = Fai tankare o guappo, strunz!
Don't pull aggro. = hai fatto incazzare u mostr, bravo o scemo.
Move! = Iamm!
Wait here. = Aspe e nun ti muovere
Need heals. = Chillimuortiimamm...

Need = Mio (mine)
Greed = Mio
Need on items you want for any reason. = Mio e non rompete il cazzo (mine and dont break my *&%)

P.s I am Neapolitan, percio non vi offendete vabbuo?

The Light and How to Swing It: Retribution 102 {WoW}

Mar 7th 2010 7:26PM Agreed, one of the key things a pally needs to learn is how to quickly switch between SoC and SoV.

Remember - trash mobs (multiple) SoC
Boss or Single powerfull mob - SoV

Any mana point switch costs are quickly recovered with an immediate judgement (of wisdom ofc) which should in most cases always be your 1st attack.

Also macro your librams (you should have 2 always on you) so that they switch when you switch seals.

Breakfast Topic: What overcloak designs would you like to see? {WoW}

Feb 25th 2010 12:30PM I agree with everyone suggestions and want to add:

No more skirts for paladins please, cant we have some high tier legplates where we can see the legs too? By all means keep the robe bit, but make it look like a great coat bottom where you can actually see the legs..... how are you meant to fight in a big skirt?