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Around Azeroth: Gnome airfield {WoW}

Oct 2nd 2006 4:37PM Er...pain* ;)

Around Azeroth: Gnome airfield {WoW}

Oct 2nd 2006 4:32PM The top of IF is still the easiest 'restricted area' to get to in the game. There is no need to wallwalk like you had to do with the Southern entrance from Dun Morogh. Just a lot of climbing passes and a looong walk.

From there, you can get to the Airport, the flag at the peak of IF's mountain, the Dwarf Village in the Wetlands, etc.

Yes, it is a risk of a 3-day suspension (been a long time since I've seen an account closed for climbing up there) but if you know the risks, and are willing to accept them, it is a fun trip.

As for Old IF. Well...All I have to say is:
1 Explorer
1 Mage
1 Not-so-secret Dueling spot at the IF Bank
2 Epic Mounts
1 Polymorph

It's a pin, but it's fun.

This Week's Comic Contest Honorable Mentions {WoW}

Oct 2nd 2006 9:26AM It was meant to be a tribute to Flint. In fact there are small 'Tributes and Apologies and Creds' section in the lowest righthand corner of all the comics I send in, but I guess it was 'trimmed' to save space.

The original part said something like:
Thanks (and apologies) to Gamespy and Flintlocke. 'Ale and Wenches' Font by Blambot. Game images by Blizzard. Bad sense of humor blamed upon my parents, but we all know it's my fault.

(or similar)