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The Queue: The final salvo in dogs versus cats {WoW}

Mar 26th 2010 1:27PM If you ask me this whole global warming thing is a load of bullshit. I'm not saying climate change doesn't happen, climate change fluctuates NATURALLY in earth's history. A bunch of warming and cooling trends that happens for one reason or another. What I'm calling bullshit on, is the idea that we are the cause. There is no real evidence supporting that the warming trend is caused by human hands.

I wouldn't trust what the environmentalists say, they're idiots. I mean, back in the 60's they claimed that by 2010 that earth would be an uninhabitable sludge pit from pollution. Also, If given a choice to save a human life or a tree, they would pick the tree. They don't give a flying fuck about the human race. If they have the chance to stop us from burning fossil fuels completely, knowing that it will collapse the global economy resulting from everything from civil wars, mass starvation, and that it could lead to collapse of civilization, they would do it. Global warming is just a scare tactic to get people to do what they want.

And Finally-- >.>

The Lawbringer: Interfering with gold farmers {WoW}

Mar 22nd 2010 1:29PM Like BadBoy myself. (Plug ins for blocking lvl 1 characters, and ANAL spam are available too :D )


OT (because I rather not do two separate posts).

There was a thread on mmo-champion a little while ago about gold sellers. Basically, the OP account was hacked and he was pointing the blame on the gold buyers for fueling the demand for gold selling and account hacking.

People were admitting to being gold buyers, and their justifications for gold buying were sickening. Their sense of entitlement was horrifying. One claimed he doesn't have the time to make gold because he has a full time job and a family, simply the "I have a life excuse," so he buys gold to cover the cost for repairs and flasks for when he raids. He went on saying it was too hard to make gold, then he ironically called people who make gold the right way as no-lifers, leaching off of welfare.

Making gold is no means hard or time consuming, I can make 150gold a day just by half-assing the argent tournament dailies. More than enough to cover the cost of repairs and flasks for a night of raiding.

Personally, I think people forget that WoW isn't a game of instant gratification. I mean, no one can roll a new character 1-80 and use that same character in a ICC 25 raid inside a hour, but I've seen plenty of people who seem to think that way. -.-

The Queue: The dating game {WoW}

Mar 18th 2010 1:32PM My guild does the same thing. My main has the normal "raider" rank with 3 stacks a day limit in my current guild. All of my alts, even my paladin that I play almost as much as my main toon, Has a "raider alt" rank with no guild bank access. In order to get the expensive, high-end shit (primordial saronite, titan steel, epic gems, BoE epics, etc.), I have to ask our officers on the guild website.

Also, my guild requires an authenticator when people app, and it's mandatory for membership. When I applied, I was required to show them a picture of myself holding an authenticator and a sales receipt for mine. Now after 3.3 we ask our trails to show us their corehound pup before they get invited to a trail run through 10man ToGC (gearing alts and off specs).

Good reason too for the security, GB bank is valued to be worth 50-75k gold. A lot of high-end matts, BoE epics, flasks and other raid consumables. (Also because top 400 guilds are srs bsnss)

[1.Local ]: Screaming over Hellscream's Warsong {WoW}

Mar 14th 2010 7:51PM I really don't understand this "It's my $15 a month so I am entitled to see all the end-game content" mentality that some people have. Here is the thing if you attend college are you entitled a 4.0 GPA because you pay tuition? Also, I don't get is why call people who want to work for it epeen flexers and elitists.

I do understand that casual players want to see all the content, and for whatever reason they can't, maybe you have the lack of time or you're struggling to find a decent guild that can do it.

However, most causal players forget that MMOs isn't really that kind of genre that can be completely experienced in with minimal time and effort. ((I know what some of you are thinking, but please hear me out. Also, please have an open mind.)) I'm not saying it can't be done, but doing something like killing Arthas takes some time and effort.

Clearing raids isn't meant to be like clearing five mans. Raids are supposed to provide a challenge that you and 9 or 24 of your closest friends work together to overcome. Downing a hard boss is supposed to be rewarding in its own right. After struggling since the plaugeworks opened up, when my guild finally downed Professor Putricide on 10 man last week we felt like we did something we were giddy the rest of the night. We felt proud of our [The Plagueworks (10 player] achievement.

Blizzard has done a great job in opening up the endgame. It's no longer this exclusive hardcore-only club that it used to be. Run heroics, get teir 9, PUG ToC and VoA for better gear or join a casual raiding guild, learn your class, and have patience during progression raids. You WILL wipe--a lot, but that's apart of the experience. Blizzard opened the door, you just have to step inside

As for this ICC buff, I kinda wish blizzard rewards players something a little extra for not accepting the buff (also, I wish it would buff pets too >.>). Other than that I have no problems with it, I don't get why people do care so much.

Drama Mamas: Wake-up call to guild officers {WoW}

Mar 12th 2010 12:50PM My guild is facing a similar problem. We're hitting a wall at Professor Putricide. Despite numerous attempts and the ICC buff, since the wing opened up we can't seem to kill putricide. A guild can only with stand those soul-crushing 1-5% wipes for so long before it starts effecting morale. We're starting to struggle of fights we had to problem on before!

I'm not an officer, but I want to help. However, I don't know how I can do it. I simply don't have the language to give a good pep talk. Only way I can see to get us getting motivated again is if we down Putricide. -.-

Mastery System Preview {WoW}

Mar 9th 2010 2:18PM I'm excited for the telent/stats overhaul.

I bet every single one of us has at least one talent he would love to put points into, but can't because you loose DPS, HPS, or survivability. Those fun talents or abilities you want to have for one reason for another, but your cookie cutter spec wont allow it (usually).

As a unholy death knight I would love to pick up these talents but can't because they're a DPS loss.

-Corpse Explosion. We all have this guy in our raid, the guy that always dies first. I like use this on a certain rogue in my guild that falls under that description. As he's waiting for a rez I blow him to kingdom come. Also, it just looks and sounds cool. :P

-On a Pale Horse. 20% mounted speed increase. Why should you dirty pallies have all the fun?

-Improved Unholy Presence. 15% speed increase outside of unholy presence. useful in fights with a lot of movement. Also great for getting out of Icehowl's way in ToGC.

Icecrown Citadel raid buffs live {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2010 1:07PM I would love to be in more PUGs that get past LDW in 25man :/