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Starfall and Nature's Grasp PTR changes {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2010 10:33PM Typhoon could have been easily tweaked to provide the much needed change. Instead a damage increase on Starfall was added (which was needed since day 1, don't get me wrong). Another big problem, Vengeance doesn't affect all balance crits, *But It Should.*

Instead of Typhoon being the galumphant whale of a spell it is, it could simply be a single target, high-control burst, low pvp knockback/daze with special functions during either eclipse proc.

Typhoon - 12 second cooldown, 16% base mana
Natural force blasts your opponent for X-Y damage, and causes him to be knocked back 10 yards and dazed for 2 seconds. Causes additional effects during Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse.

Starfall and Nature's Grasp PTR changes {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2010 10:22PM "and the player community would do well to remember that it's a great service they give us, and a privilege of sort."

By letting us pay $15/mo. to play their game! Oh goody!!

What I don't understand is why the legitimately critical comments are down-voted. Bottom line, it doesn't matter whether they expose the patch notes to the community first or whether we have to wait for it to hit live:
1) Half of the content released has to be hotfixed,
2) There ARE hidden patch changes, meant to see if anyone notices nerfs,
3) All of the content is released per developer's discretion.

Unless the "community" comes together on something, silly changes that don't solve problems will continue to be released.

Bottom line, Starfall was not the solution to why Balance is underserviced in pvp. There are two problems affecting balance pvp.

1) Creating Distance
2) Controlling Burst

The reason that Moonkins can't gain any traction is a lack of kiting abilities except travel form. Where other classes (mage, warlock, shaman, priest) all have some way of delivering a slow or (in the case of warlock and priest) a gap-creation ability with a low cooldown (