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Breakfast Topic: What do other players do that really annoys you? {WoW}

Jan 25th 2011 12:22PM I hate when you are running a heroic with a pug, and this pug is a dps that is only doing 2k dps. then this same person decides they know better than everyone else how to do the encounters and expresses it with rudeness and over talking. They then continue to tell you that this is there alt.

first off, i can handle a low dps. I've played since launch and I learn how to deal or put up with people that are low dps or just bad. If they are new its usually easy enouh to give them some pointers, pick up there slack for them and just get it over with.

I also can usually just ignore their rants on how to do an encounter and just do my best to engage the fight the best way I know how, without worrying about their oppinions.

But when they start telling me how many alts they have, I get very annoyed. Telling people you have 5 alts at lvl 85 does not support the case of why you are only doing 2kdps. This just tells me you spend almost all of your time on wow, and yet, still have trouble pushing buttons.

I have trouble keeping my cool and not retorting in party chat when I am presented with this kind of player.

Breakfast Topic: Where's the epic {WoW}

Apr 27th 2010 12:28PM I'm repeating alot of what others said, but I'll say my feelings anyways.

40 mans were a league of other players swarming humongus bad guys and bringing them down for the good of the world. being a part of something so grand in every scale was just exciting. the first time i stepped into a raid was MC and i saw the first 2 giants of trash. My eyes must have lit up! loosing half of your group of players definitely made the excitement drop down a notch.

also, so much content has been released that the way we explain new encounters to each other is by comparing it to an old fight. after a while u just get good at moving away from aoe or keeping a 10yd distance to the rest of the group and it is no longer a challenge.

We are powerful! we have so many spells and abilities now, that we don't feel limited against this big evil beast in front of us. "you may be 6 stories tall and breath fire Mr.Dragon, but i just sent a ghost inside of you to mess up your evening" /cast haunt.

boring gear. it didn't look boring the first time we saw it, but it does when im surrounded by 800 look-a-likes in one of dalaran's banks alone. Why does the 1hnd axe from 10man marrowgar look exactly like the 1hnd axe form heroic 25man Lichking? I remember seeing the top guilds signature players perched on the Ironforge bridge in afk position and just gawking at thier t3 sets and sweet AQ40 weapons. It's a thrill killer when i slap on my item i just got from a 25man hardmode boss that i worked on for weeks on end and turn to see a fresh 80 that did 4bosses in 10man normal and if i squint i may tell his item is a different color.

I was very excited on my first Lich king kill (25man is the only version of him i've beat) because it felt like all i've worked for for the past 5years... was finally finish. case closed.
fights are always a little exciting the first time you beat them. but will never be as exciting the next time. even if you tag it with the heroic label and add a little more fire on the ground. it should be heroic the first and the last time u kill him. i mean, we are supposed to be heroes right?

well that's the complications i think that get in the way of that "epic" feel.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: But hitting buttons is fun! {WoW}

Mar 19th 2010 3:09PM I apologize for my poor use of the written English. Let me change my comment here to be more about myself and less about others.

I have found a fun way to play with the current Heroic Strike mechanics. I feel this lets me play the class to it's initially intended style. I understand and feel the boredom that comes out of button spamming, but also enjoy meeting those demands to play at my best. Though, Heroic Strike is spam ability, it still has a certain complexity because of its swing timer mechanics. It feels like I am playing music when I tank, and I wonder if any others are like that, and enjoy it the same way.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: But hitting buttons is fun! {WoW}

Mar 19th 2010 2:53PM i move out just fine. i have 5 fingers on both of my hands i don't need more than 2 to move. thank you god, for giving me monkey hands and a brain.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: But hitting buttons is fun! {WoW}

Mar 19th 2010 2:44PM im tired of people complaining about heroic strike. we are warriors we are pure feral power(druids) or holy powerhouses(paladins) or unholy disease machines(DK). We don't tank with ultimate strength or power, we tank with precision and battle experience. we should be pushing more buttons. that's what warrior tanking is about. And realize, people such as the writer here, who macro HS to other abilities is lowering their threat because GC and Swing timers are very diff. i have my HS and Cleave on a seperate hand along with some more casual (less spammy) buttons on my right hand(mouse) and the spam abilities on my left hand (keyboard). in this way, tanking is much like playing the piano, both hands doing completely different things yet working together to make harmony. the day blizzard takes this away from me is the day i stop playing my warrior after 5years.

Breakfast Topic: If you could redo features in Wrath, what would they be? {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2010 3:57PM Difficult Heroics: At the beginning of TBC, Heroics were the most challenging aspect WoW had offered players. there was no way of getting tons of epics and being in all blues and questing gear made them involved and challenging. WotLK did not provide much challenge in the way of Heroic dungeons to start.

10mans / 25mans: I liked this, as i have RL friends that could not raid enough to do both. making 10man focused guilds easier to find and become a part of. but, the necessity for 25man guilds to do 10mans as well, become too much. i was tired of running the dungeons 2x a week, or 4x with ToC.

Hardmodes/heroic: Implementing Hard modes and Heroic modes is nice, but not enough to draw enthusiasm. I wish that switching to heroic meant you had completely diff fights with different bosses. i am not eager to fight Lady Deathwisper again because she is harder now. the thrill of the kill is over the first time we killed her. now its just painful. what are the rewards? oh, the same gear with slightly higher stats and the glowing green word "heroic" plss... pls... hold the "OOOOs and AAAAAHHHs." if gear is the reward for doing hardmodes that are the same bosses, at least give us different looking gear, so those of that who succeed in them, can stand on the IF bridge and feel like we can show what we've done. my suggestion would have been to make heroic mode of ICC be limited to outer fights and minor bosses, while heroic mode was the heart of the Throne's Ice Spire and had some of the most heinous bosses.

Naxx: i would have probably left this out. its nice to see the entirety of it since i never did in vanilla, but i feel sad for those who sweated it out to down naxx in vanilla to see it made a joke in WotLK.