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Ensidia temporarily banned for exploits {WoW}

Mar 4th 2010 8:38AM Gaaah....this will be downrated, but I just cant help but to QQ on all the here.
So let's take a closer look at what other people said. I didnt bother reading all the babycries, so will comment only the 1st page.
@Knob - that is YOU, who is NOTHING in REAL life. Just a shtbag who posts crap on forums. Go on with ur crabby guild - u will get to LK when ALL bugs will be fixed. And ofc - u WILL be able to kill him CORRECTLY.
@BigBadGooz - I just tell u - all u posted is bullsht. Exodus' Yogg Saron was an intended and REAL exploiting, making the hardest phase easy. As for this case - noone planned to do it on purpose, that was unavoidable bug, due to Ensidia's tactic. They HAD the right to use their NORMAL rotations. What they caused - is the question to Blizz, not to Ensidia. And u also think, that Muqq did a pointless QQ for leaving WoW? Imagine u had a career, hobby or whatever, and u got kicked out cuz of misunderstanding. Will that be so plain to u that u wont even notice it? No, u will make an outrage, claiming ur rights. Learn psychology before posting sht.
@Sky - if Ensidia will be permabanned - Muqq's(or Tigole's) words will come true. Cataclism will be the home of childish newcomers. Do u think all the rest pro guilds will want to stay and wait untill they will get the ban for testing?
@Superthrust - u have just agreed that u are a noobish 2 months subscriber. Congratulations!
@Kabshiel - yes, they were aware that this bug was a bug. But did they have choice? They, the world-leading guild could just sit and wait for a hotfix? They have the right to play the content and to use what they could (rotations) to win it. All outcomes is Blizz's fail.
@Daedalus - from ur words Blizz is just a provoker. They "thought" this bug will not be noticed...pfhhahahahahaha That's even more dumb and redundant that claiming that Ensidia used bombs on purpose. Rly, think before making suggestions.
@Mycents - yes, u, some player from unknown realm on unknown server - wouldnt have moaned. But Muqq was not running 5 man dungeon, he achieved World First with his guild. And got fucked up with ban and achievement deletion. A bit different case, dont u think?
Well...were Ensidia innocent or guilty - doesnt matter already. They were the Martyr. Other top guilds and all the crabby ones can now go and kill the LK, knowing of this bug and knowing the consequence. And, of course, they will get the World First achiement. Ensidia really beta-tested, got fucked and dishonored. Others now can go on fine. So if u still think that Ensidia are zomghaxxors - know, that there is a big gap between u and them. And this gap will never be overcome by u.