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Raid Rx: A history of organizational healing {WoW}

Mar 5th 2010 3:37PM I'm surprised there isn't any discussion about healing in Everquest. During early encounters in Kunark and Velious (Specifically Avatar of War) we would have a cheal rotation. This consisted of every cleric (just clerics) timing their heals to land at even intervals on the main tank. The Avatar of War hit for 1100+ almost ever hit (double hits with flurry hits mixed in) on main tanks with maybe 6-7k max hp. This was a big issue for healers. if we had 5 clerics to heal, we would set up a rotation in /tells to have every cleric start casting cheal every 2 seconds (casting time for cheal was a full 10 seconds and healed to full hp every time). It was crude but effective. I've heard of as many as 10 people casting cheal every second in some encounters. Basically one tank used 10 people to keep him alive.