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Shifting Perspectives: Tanks, bribes, and player behavior, part 2 {WoW}

Apr 20th 2011 9:41AM That said, I'd love to return to server only dungeons. There are countless times where I find myself saying at the end of a good run: "Great run, thanks all, see ya later," and realizing that I actually won't be seeing any of them again which is a little depressing.

Shifting Perspectives: Tanks, bribes, and player behavior, part 2 {WoW}

Apr 20th 2011 9:37AM I've been a dpser since vanilla WoW and just got a druid to 85 that I'm now tanking with. My heroic runs have been about a 50/50 split between total Pugs and running with at least 2 or 3 guildies from my raiding guild.

So far at least, I haven't encountered all this trouble that people talk about in terms of Dungeon Finder groups. The Pugs that I have done are actually the best groups I've had. I've only had one completely awful experience and that happened in the very first heroic I did when I was at ilvl 331 and I actually ran with 2 guildies. Maybe I've just been lucky but the people I've encountered through the Dungeon Finder have been understanding and skilled enough to adapt to a new tank.

For instance, the very first time I tanked blackrock caverns, I got the achievements for both Corla and Karsh just because the group was kind enough to put up with a bit of an undergeared and inexperienced tank. Granted, I got lucky with an excellent and overgeared healer but the group was understanding even when we wiped once on each boss trying to do the achievement.

We'll see if my experiences continue like this or not. I tend to think that they will with the occasional aberration. As is common with these types of things, the minority of horror stories often overwhelm the vast majority of success stories. That's why my policy is that unless I'm tanking for a guildie, I'll just leave if the group is clearly uncooperative.

Engadget's 6th birthday giveaway: 'Gadget of the Year' edition {Engadget}

Mar 5th 2010 7:44PM @airjets34

I hope you turned off the email if replied to option airjets.