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Former GM sues over baby murloc voice and song {WoW}

Mar 8th 2012 8:53PM Maybe japanese auto manufacturers should sue for the non-baby murloc voices.. seriously, ever listen to the exhaust on japanese "luxury" cars?

Review: WoW TCG Assault on Icecrown Citadel Four-Player Game {WoW}

Mar 18th 2011 4:11PM I wish this were easier to find local groups playing, preferably on a night I'm not already booked up and doesn't require an hour commute.. You'd think there'd be gaming stores in the middle of Los Angeles, but nooooooo. ;)

Do Culinary Schools Actually Get Chefs Jobs? {Slashfood}

Mar 17th 2011 1:13PM 1) Odd that you'd seperate Western Culinary Institute from Le Cordon Bleu as it is a Le Cordon Bleu School.
2) As a former Western Culinary Institute drop-out, a significant part of the decision was to prevent myself from going any deeper into student loan debt after I really got a view of what the "real world" wages were. $9/hour to pay off $40k+? Most of which are private, unsubsidized, and more importantly, non-dischargeable debt with ~13-16% interest rates, unlike the subsidized Federal loans at 3%.

Currently, 25% of my takehome pay is directly to my student loans and will be for the next 12-15 years. Think about that, kids, before you sign that dotted line. And I'm not even working in the industry, I went back to technology. The pay is better. I couldn't imagine trying to pay back loans on $9/hour.

I don't regret my culinary school experience. I learned quite a bit. However I didn't stop to think about the bottom line or truly read the fine print. At the very least, I'd like to have seen something that the credit card companies do now: Shown me an estimated monthly payment and amount of time to pay the debt down. Had someone shown me that I was going to be on the hook for $400-500/month for the next 12 years of my life, against realistic wages in the industry, I might have made a different decision.

My advice to kids thinking about culinary school: Wait. Get a job in the industry. learn everything you can. Move to a better kitchen. Learn everything you can. Move to a better kitchen. Learn everything you can. After 10-12 years of this, you'll not only be extremely prepared for school, but you'll also have realistic expectations about what you can and can't do in the real world. Everyone wants to have the "hot spot" and spend their days creating culinary delights that are the talk of the town, when the truth of the matter is you'll most likely end up working at some Casino Buffet. It's not for everyone.

PAX East 2011: Cryptozoic Entertainment's big year {WoW}

Mar 12th 2011 5:55PM Thanks for the loot card pets, jerks.

:: shuffles off to get a second job ::

The Lawbringer: Fighting the gold fight -- the world as it is {WoW}

Mar 11th 2011 5:47PM Why not go to a strict barter system? We already have to farm mats, then to add a gold cost on top of it is a bit redundant. Stop charging for repairs, we already have to take time out of the day to go repair. Stop charging for vendor supplies, we're limited by what we can carry anyhow, and it's not like people aren't creating bank mules anyway. We can still have super rare items in the game and if done correctly, it would encourage and actually give crafters some sort of recognition for spending the time to level up crafting to make something they either give away or barter away.

Restaurants Start Getting Grades in New York City {Slashfood}

Jul 30th 2010 11:01AM mmmm.. B-rated dive thai.

Guru'board cancels Miniguru keyboard project {Engadget}

Jul 22nd 2010 1:38PM I wonder if something like this could use kickstart or whatever to gauge and fund production runs?

Cowon J3 ships to America, we go hands-on {Engadget}

Jun 12th 2010 1:47PM I love my D2. I love how it's ugly, but in a utilitarian way. Function over form. The S9 wasn't tempting because it lacked external expansion. This has microSD slots and really reminds me of the Zune HD (not a bad thing). I might just have to give this one a harder look.

Engadget Podcast 196 - 05.14.2010 {Engadget}

May 14th 2010 4:45PM $110/month for 4G w/hotspot? Any reason I should even have a cable modem if I've got 4G reception? (no, I don't torrent and my computers are off when I'm not at home)... Hrm...