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Mar 6th 2010 12:39PM you are kidding, right? This is a persistent world..not kindergarten. They've dumbed down the game enough for players who think everything should be handed to them on a silver platter delivered by a butler.

Someone says there are other MMO's out there that are actually fun. Really? Guess what, most of them are a lot harder than Wow. No hand holding on find it yourself, or look up a reference online. Most don't have hundreds of addons to make life TBag to organize your bags...try playing Dungeons and Dragons Online and find something in your inventory quickly. Ain't happenin'. Take this, "I'm too busy to work for anything in WoW" attitude to Fallen Earth and they'll run you out of town on a rail and tell you to get your spoiled backside back to WoW. This IS the easiest MMO there is. Since Wrath, they've literally given everything to everybody without having to work for it.

Time was, you got a mount at 40 and it cost 100 gold, And 100 gold wasn't easy to come by back then. You had to save for it. Epic mount, $1000 gold, or thereabouts at level 60. Paladins and Warlocks went through grueling, expensive quests to get their epic mounts.

And, as someone said, to get to Darnassus from Strormwind or ran to Menethil Harbor from Ironforge,, ducking mobs up to 22nd level, dying a lot unless you could afford to pay someone to accompany you..or had a high level friend who could protect you from the crocs and spiders which hung out on the road waiting for tasty level 1's and 5's. There was one no flight master at the camp in STV, you ran from Booty Bay all the way to the Rebel Camp, no flights.

So please, don't whine to me about having to take a boat from Auberdine to Stormwind to learn swords or going to Ironforge to learn maces or guns. We're talking 10 minutes TOPS for that run. It took an hour or more sometimes to get to Menethil Harbor from IF from dying so often. If you don't have the time to play a character in a persistent world then you don't understand the concept of role playing at all.