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Patch 4.0.3a: DPS meta gem requirements being reverted {WoW}

Nov 25th 2010 5:42AM I don't think folks understand the Cata way of doing things.

Firstly, Hit will be really high in Cata and all of the +hit talents have been removed. No more FFF, no more Misery, no more talents reducing hit requirements. Every caster needs 17% excepting Draenei who need 16%. And that's just for T11 bosses.

I'll get back to that...

What's 17% at 85? What's the number? 1746. Yeah, that's a lot. So, you need to AVERAGE about 100 hit/spirit (for those with spirit conversion talents) per slot. That's about right for iLvl 333 items. Problem is, what about DPS caster Tier? NONE of that has hit/spirit. Now you've got to get 1746 hit out of 12/13 slots AND try to boost mastery which folks are finding is the bees knees.

Reforging for hit will almost certainly by one part of the decision matrix as will gemming for hit/spirit. But with Mastery being so strong at 85 and reforging giving the biggest bang for the buck (using reforging for hit may prove unwieldy due to the large and uneven stat chunks. Not impossible by any means, simply unwieldy and in some cases provide a pretty substandard result due to stats available for reforging being more valuable than others), it is entirely likely that unlike in LK where it was almost always simply best to gem the strongest stat, in Cata, it may end up being better to gem the stat that most easily allows you to reforge large chunks of Mastery or maybe Haste.

I look at CSD and I think...hmm... based on what I know now for my Ele draenei shammy... I'd rather gem purified (int/spirit) or sparkling (spirit) and free myself up as much as possible to reforge based on optimizing my Mastery/haste needs.

Lastly, each Tier of Bosses gets harder to hit. So once hit capped at T11 and downing all T11 bosses... moving to T12 means adjusting one's gear to accomodate that tier's increased hit cap as each Tier's hit cap slides a bit. We have no numbers, yet because we've seen no T12 stuff, but once the 4.1 beta is out, I'm sure we'll find out what the new numbers are.

What that means is that hit will continue to remain prevalent throughout Cata. Gear will not grow such that our hit will be contained within a few pieces.

I realize that folks may not like this change and view it with WotLK colored glasses on. I would resist this impulse. Cata is changing a LOT of things. How we gem is likely the least among them...

And, yeah, it stunk to not have the meta for the last 3 weeks of raiding. C'est la vie...

XpanD announces "world's first" Bluetooth 3D glasses, will bundle them with VIZIO XVT Pro {Engadget}

Mar 6th 2010 4:16PM @peter0328 exactly. As well, since we don't know how often the bluetooth is actively syncing, in addition to the relaxed placement requirements (which REALLY make sense with the Vizio 72" LCD which will have Wireless HDMI, so the electronics may not be in direct LOS of the viewer even if they are in LOS of the monitor), it also means the glasses shouldn't lose sync should a person break LOS if the glasses do continuously sync.

The last thing you want when you're having a nice movie night is kids arguing, "move! you're blocking my glasses!" Ugh. I'm very happy for the bluetooth.