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Breakfast Topic: What's okay in a duel? {WoW}

Oct 24th 2006 1:03PM I think "Roseroyce04" this guy/gal knows what he is talkin bout. I totally feel the same way..On the other hand I don't like ppl who uses pots however it's another challenge, I wouldn't spend my pots for a duel but if smn uses it against me then my goal is to beat him in those circumstances, just find a way to deal with it...

It's official...Burning Crusade delayed until January 2007, new content patch on the way {WoW}

Oct 24th 2006 12:44PM If youre doin something better do it right! I don't care if it comes out late but it should be without any bugs and dissapointments. Thats the most important. Just act like you have never heard the previous date, u know.. Too bad its not gonna be a Christmas gift but no worries bcause it is gonna be a late/after Christmas gift :P

Burning Crusade Arena PvP {WoW}

Oct 4th 2006 12:15AM I think these rules are pretty good and cleverly made.. Think of groups which has more than one pally's. It would have been ridiculous. Also I kinda like the no potions, because it would stress the healer's importance in a battle. Match by gear is a pretty good idea as well..