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Forum post of the day: "The Priest Class: Game Design, Philosophy" {WoW}

Mar 7th 2007 8:48AM Although I don't play a priest, I do know that I never see Lightwells used so I think some talent revamp could introduce some fun in the healing tree.

My suggestion would be to remove Lightwell and bump the 41-point holy tree talent to 31-point. A new 41-point talent like "Touch of the Blessed" could give a 5-10% proc chance when you land a healing spell of giving the friendly target a "blessed" state that lasts for 8-10 sec. At that point, the priest has 3-4 short duration buffs to choose from to cast on the "blessed" target. For example, you could cast a offensive buff to increase haste/spell haste rating, a mana regen buff or a armor increase. These buffs could last 30 sec and cause a forbearance-like debuff to the target so it cannot be spammed in raids by multiple priests or be to OP in PvP.

This would probably make things more intresting while offering them so way of bringing battle oriented buffs. I also like the PW options out there and I hope they can be added with future expansions but I doubt you could really see any of those introduced at this point.

Maintenance day café {WoW}

Mar 6th 2007 12:24PM I have a 70 druid and I feel that healing is the only advancement option for me now and since my previous guild broke off I find myself in a less friendly guild and less motivation. I pretty much burned out of healing and had fun tanking 5-mans but I'm now leveling a 42 pally and 34 rogue for kicks until LotRO arrives (open beta at the end of March) and then I'll decide if I keep my WoW account. By all means, WoW is a great game and I still love it but the ups and downs of class "balancing" is a bit frustrating.

I hope druids are still viable but mine is parked in STV and protecting my alts from the evil horde who please themselves at 1-shot kills.

No more class reviews, says Blizz {WoW}

Jan 29th 2007 9:16AM I agree that a feral druid's swipe is simply the best tanking tool to hold 3 mobs in a 5-man. I usually charge in a group and shout to grab aggro right away then Mangle the main target for aggro. After that it's bascially spam swipe until one target is down with a taunt if one target goes for the healer or DPS. I've never had more fun playing a druid.

Warriors can still tank pretty well and have a bit more options when tanking. I can't tank in Cat form but a fury warrior can tank with a good healer. On the other hand, it is true that warriors seem to generate rage alot slower then druids for some reason. When I spam Swipe on three mobs and they all attack me, I'm hovering constantly around 80 rage and maybe go down to 50 if I use Frenzied Regeneration. Then again, even if I can't tank in Cat form, I still dish out alot more damage then a Prot warrior or warrior in tanking gear. So far I completely out-dpsed tanking in Blodd Furnace but I was alot higher level but in the Crypts of Auch. (Terrokar), I had a group of similar levels then me including a rogue, feral druid, and fury warrior and I still topped the DPS. The reason is likely the extra damage I generate with 3+ mobs hitting on me with Thorns... :)

Revenge of the pugs {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2007 9:34AM I've been mostly doing guild runs in instances and it went great except for one where we had two warlocks. It was simply to hard to manage aggro with those two. I did get pug'd into another guilds group on the launch day doing two Ramparts and one Blood Furnace without any trouble.

At #5, althought I greatly agree the blue staff would have seen more use with the priest since you don't need to switch gear for different roles, the staff is still a great healing staff for any druids who needs to heal on occasions. I got it on my first day since it completely owned my Epic dagger + of hand combo. I was healing during that run so I guess it made it more 'okay' but still, it's a fair roll, especially in a PUG group.

An uneasy truce {WoW}

Jan 17th 2007 8:09AM On Burning Blade-US, ganking is very rare since the expansion. The only time I got ganked was while I did the quests from expedition point and it was the most retarded rogue ganker that Horde have on the server (aka Homeless, 60 Rogue).

I've taken a screenshot of at least 30 players, Alliance and Horde around the meeting stone in Hellfire Citadel and other then the random AoE fears for laugh, there was little action... Except a group of Alliance jumped on Homeless the second he appeared. :)

Countdown to Burning Crusade: Day 4 {WoW}

Jan 5th 2007 8:55AM /roll 100-100

WoW Rookie: Soulstone and you {WoW}

Dec 15th 2006 9:38AM Druids can also use there Battle Rez as a soulstone if they act quickly and the rez'd person knows what to do. Let's say you get a very bab pull and you priest, pally or shaman goes down with the druid still alive. The druid informs the rezzer NOT to accept the rez right away and proceeds to Battle Rez let's say a priest from a safe spot. The druid eventually gets killed and the mobs reset. The priest can then accept the rez and rez the others.

This saved us a corpse run in MC once.

+Damage and healing: what do you mean "up to"? {WoW}

Dec 8th 2006 8:43AM I think the down ranking nerf is not as big as it seems once you start to have decent gear that allows for a bigger mana pool and mana regen. Our main healing priest heals like a monster but with down ranking being less mana efficient, he started using Greater Heals for MC and after Shazz he had close to 500k healing and 650k overhealing. Yet, he never ran out of mana. I, myself a druid, was close to him with 450k healing but only 125k overhealing. His down ranking was far superior then mine since he had +600 healing while I had only +330. I guess I adjusted a bit better to the system or maybe the druid class is simply better suited for the new system.

We actually had 6 or 7 druids last night because we had 3 applicants and a feral druid amongst us. We had three Tree of Life spec'd so that provided roughly a +90/+100 healing to healers in those groups. With stackable HoTs and so many druids, we actually had tanks wielding two-handers in MC. With the changes MC got alot easier although we didn't finish it because of bad pulls and re-learning some encounters without certain addons (Decursive mostly) and we also started later then usual since we killed Onyxia first.

Basically our DPS was far better and our healing too. I also noticed that my heals crited alot more (like twice as much). I never remember criting three times in a row before...

The WTF Factor and the Burning Crusade {WoW}

Nov 30th 2006 8:52AM Actually, I believe Drakk's guard can only be slept if they are 59 elites. Is's random so sometimes they can be 59 or 60.