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15 Minutes of Fame: The Syndicate's 14 years of gaming {WoW}

Mar 10th 2010 2:04PM LLTS!!! Long Live The Syndicate !!! We are a massive family.....not just a gaming Guild! Ask any one of us and we will all tell you the same thing. We love our Guild ! All of us have the chance to Raid, Just the majority of us don't want to raid. We just want to play the game and have fun with our friendly family ! We are not all about the items....we are all about the team and the fun. Helping one another is the most important thing. Not what we can get in the game. It's just pixels on a screen. We care about the person behind the character. Try to get to know us some and see for yourself.

Later..... Proud member of the Syndicate !!! Signed Merlinsd Shadow, Ironshadow, Shadoworc.