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Encrypted Text: Finding combat's missing damage {WoW}

Oct 20th 2010 2:57PM "In an expansion that's supposed to be simplifying mechanics for new users, introducing bonuses that are literally in opposition with each other makes no sense."

The mages feel your pain. This statement sums the sole reason I respeced from Arcane to fire.

"Okay guys, if you want to do a lot of damage, cast Arcane Blast a bunch of times, which will give you a massive damage buff while quickly draining your mana. Just be sure to conserve mana while you're doing it." :D

wth Blizzard?

The Shattering plot summary: Garrosh and Cairne {WoW}

Oct 19th 2010 4:02PM Unto Elder Crone Magatha of the Grimtotem,
Acting Warchief of the Horde, Garrosh Hellscream
Sends his most sincere wishes for a slow and painful death.

I play Alliance, and I still feel the need to quote that at the earliest opportunity.

Servers are coming up [updated x3] {WoW}

Oct 12th 2010 5:02PM You know, I appreciate the amount of effort that goes into one of these patches, but is "unforeseen" really the word you want to go with when describing a scenario that would delay playability on a patch day?

The Queue: Confusion {WoW}

Jun 10th 2010 11:33AM I always assumed that the quest line phasing people out at the entrance of ICC was one that eventually had you kill Orbaz Bloodbane.

It starts from the quest "Parting Gifts" at the Shadow Vault.

ICC DPS analysis by spec {WoW}

May 7th 2010 2:31PM As a mage, I think I can weigh in on the arcane/fire oddity.

The biggest factor in Arcane dps is by far your ability to not waste AB stacks, and there's an amount of luck and skill that goes into that. In my oppinion, it's mostly luck, since you can time presence of mind to save a 3X stack right before it falls off, but if you get stunned or incapacitated during a fight (Putricide transitions for example) you'll lose a significant amount of dps compared to the fire mage who just has to put scorch and LB back up.

So basically, the arcane mages who are beating the fire mages are just luckier then their average dps counterparts.

The Queue: A rebuttal {WoW}

Apr 26th 2010 3:12PM Second, my warrior is crit-immune, you jerks.

It sounds like you're starting to crack under the strain of lousy pugs. Congratulations, and welcome to the Brotherhood of Sullen Tanks.

Arcane Brilliance: Why Mana Adept might not suck {WoW}

Apr 24th 2010 2:26PM I don't think mana adept will suck necessarily, but I suspect it will make arcane mages that much harder to balance by adding yet another variable (mana regen) to the list of things that can affect our dps. The result being that arcane mages will go in and out of favor depending on gear level and gear scaling throughout the lifetime of the expansion.

The Queue: Goblins and worgen {WoW}

Apr 21st 2010 6:25PM Here's a question that probably can't be answered yet, but I'm going to ask anyway:

How will open world flight (as opposed to taxi rides) work when you hit a patch of new and old content? Obviously if you try to fly from Kalimdor to the Eastern Kingdoms, you'll eventually hit the fatigue wall, (or maybe not so obviously if they're opening up an underwater zone) but what happens if you're flying along the border between the Ghostlands and EPL? It would kind of ruin the mood to hit a load screen every time you fly just a little to far south of Moonglade, or too far west of Winterspring.

Anti-Aliased: Shut up people, come buy my horse pt. 2 {Massively}

Apr 20th 2010 3:24PM I think it's unfair to accuse people who bought the horse of having a double standard when it comes to other cases of micro transactions, but only because I seriously doubt many (if any) of the people who actually bought one had an opinion about micro transactions before they bought the thing.

Not everyone follows the wider mmo community as closely as you, or for that matter most of us reading this article. It would be interesting to see a poll of those who bought the mount to see how many of them:

a. Had played any other mmo besides wow.
b. Had played any mmo with micro transactions.
c. Had played console games where different character skins and the like can be purchased through DLC.

Arcane Brilliance: Stealing spells for fun and profit {WoW}

Apr 17th 2010 3:53PM One thing you forgot to mention about stealing heroism/bloodlust: they aren't mutually exclusive. Heroism gives you the Exhaustion debuff. Bloodlust gives you the Sated debuff. The Sated debuff does not lock you out of gaining the benefits of heroism, and the Exhaustion debuff doesn't lock you out of using Bloodlust.

I'm not sure if they stack at the same time, which would be a 70% haste increase, but you can steal bloodlust for 45 seconds, then immediately afterwards, have a friendly shaman cast heroism. It's fun.