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Zalazane's Fall official preview released {WoW}

Jun 10th 2010 10:01AM "Honor de Ancestors"? "Ancestors"? Whats kind of word is that?
I supuse that Spanish, but the correct word in spanish would be "Ancestros"... i think we have a epic fail here.
Or maybe a new language.

WoW Rookie: What's "move out of the fire" in your language? {WoW}

Mar 11th 2010 5:07PM I know that there are other spanish translantion, but its too much literal in my opinion. We usually keep some english words and just deform others to can spell it in spanish pronunciation.

I m going to try to translate this the way we usually use in spanish-eu servers.

PD: Sorry for my bad english.

Hello: Hola, Hi.
Goodbye: Adiós, bye.
Please: Por favor, porfa, plis.
Thank you: Gracias, ty.
Yes: SI
No: No
I don't know.: No lo sé.

I'll tank.: Soy el tanque/Yo tanqueo.
I'll heal.: Soy el healer/Yo curo.
Can you share quests?: Compartid quest por favor/sharead plis

Buffs: Buffs
Fortitude: Entereza/stamina
Divine Spirit: Espiritu Divino/Espiritu
Mark of the Wild: Don de lo salvaje/Marca de druida
Arcane Intellect: Intelecto
Blessing of Kings: Reyes
Blessing of Might: Poderio
Please turn off Aspect.: Por favor, quita el aspecto.

Ready?: LIstos?
Ready!: Listos?/ya estoy!
AFK: Ausente/afk
BRB: Vuelvo en seguida/un segundo
Wait, please.: Esperad por favor.

Follow me.: Sigueme (to one person)/ Seguidme (to two people or more)
Go.: Vamos/go
Stop.: Para (to one person)/ Parad (to two people or more) / stop
Which way?: Por donde?
Right: Derecha
Left: Izquierda
Straight: recto
North: Norte
South: Sur
East: Este
West: Oeste
Up: Arriba
Down: Abajo

Let the tank pull.: Dejad que el tanque pulee.
Don't pull aggro.: No agreeis
Move!: Muevete! (to one person) / Moveos (to two people or more)
Wait here.: Espera aquí (to one person) / Esperad aquí (to two people or more)
Need heals.: Necesitamos healers.

Need: Necesidad
Greed: Codicia
Need on items you want for any reason.: Necesidad en los items que querais.

I need this quest.: Tengo esta quest
I need to kill [X].: Tengo que matar a [X]
I need to gather [X].: Tengo que pillar [X]
Let's run back from the graveyard together so we don't get lost.: Volvamos juntos desde el cemen para que no nos perdamos.
Would you like to run another?: Otra mazmorra?