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Accessible content, valor points and the alt {WoW}

Oct 11th 2011 11:35AM I never quite understood this slavery to valor points. I have one 85 I play actively, have amassed thousands of these valor points over the various patches, but, never spent a single one of them. I don't feel I need this valor gear. I'll get it when it becomes available for justice points, there's no hurry. I don't think it would be very fun to run the same instances over and over again, many times a week, just for some virtual points. Rather, I run them with friends and guildies when the mood strikes me. I also raid casually once or twice a week, with my social guild, I've never had any problem delivering good dps. It's a bit shameful I could get far more valor points running 5-man's repeatedly then I do from our raids. There's quite a few things we can discuss about these valor points. Are they really necessary? When I do pug one of these dungeons, I've found people who are simply in it for valor points to be very unpleasant company at times, they wish to rush rush rush, and anything which stands in between them and their precious points is a cause for annoyance, I don't think that's a very healthy attitude towards a game, something which is meant to be a relaxing and fun adventure.

Just my two cents. ~

Breakfast Topic: Who is your favorite Warcraft character? {WoW}

Dec 10th 2010 10:58PM Our Light of Lights, Queen Azshara!

Cataclysm: Class-specific quests removed {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2010 8:56AM the things you mention are gameplay mechanics, they add very very little to the actual story, especially if the framework around them is continually broken down. personally, i picked up this game because of it's rich lore and immersive environment, yet changes like these keep moving the game away from all that, which is pity, i read these wonderful novels, and i wish, i'd see some of that richness in the game again, and that it would be more then just another loot-hunt, or grind, in fact, it's starting to feel more and more like a first person shooter game, in terms of atmosphere. how are people supposed to bond with their class of choice, and learn more about what it means to be a priest or a warlock, or a paladin, and so on, if there is -nothing- in the game to edcuate them about that background?

Guest Post: The death of in-game interaction {WoW}

Aug 22nd 2010 10:28PM hmm.. i found this article quite interesting, you have some good ideas here! it sparked my interest because i've pretty much stopped playing wow alltogether lately because of some of these issues, the complete lack of player interaction. it's an mmo, yet, i might as well be playing with a bunch of bots, there's absolutely no depth to the regular gaming experience. i used to have many good friends on my home realm, over time however, people went their own directions in life and we grew out of touch.. i can perfectly imagine that if you do still have a good core of players around you to enjoy the game with, together, it might still be a fun experience, but the same can be said about just about anything, after all, it's not so much the quality of the game, but the quality of those interactions which make things worth while. with the growing use of automated systems such as Gs, random dungeons, the player is almost invited to -not- seek out others, and personally, i really feel and experience this growing atmosphere as well. and i can tell you, it's not a very heartwarming experience.
you might as well just play a single player game, i mean, what's the point playing an mmo if you don't wish to interact with others?
it seems like many players see their fellow wowheads as either obstacles to overcome, or tools to be used for furthering their own goals and purposses, meaningful interactions have become rare as arctic flowers for me.

Breakfast Topic: Can't we all just get along? {WoW}

Aug 12th 2010 8:19AM i've always absolutely loved the idea of cross-faction,
i'd gladly give up my ties and some of the benefits of my current faction to get away from all the petty squabbling.
then again.. it's a very progressive idea, and we're playing a game here where even changing some old skin textures seems a daunting task to the developpers,
i think we can't expect too many new innovating things like these..
a pity though, for a great idea it is!
it would really bring a whole new dimension to WoW.

after all, what is the purpose of War, if there is no opportunity or means to peace?

[1.Local]: Celestial RMT and the Fresh Steed {WoW}

Apr 19th 2010 10:28AM I am a player quite like yourself, i too play for the shiny things, for just having fun, i got a talbuk on multiple characters, i run old raids more then new raids these days 'cos some of the loot in there looks so great.. and well.. it's because of those things, and my way of playing the game, that i absolutely will NOT buy this celestial mount, the way i see it, it could very well lead the game down a path i don't want it to go..
today it's a mount, but what if tomorrow they offer a service which allows you to paint / customise your armor sets in exchange for real money?
it's ''just vanity'' but that vanity, a search for beautiful and cool looking stuff happens to be a big motvation in how and why i play the game, if many of those things will only be available to me if i put extra money on the table, then i'm not sure i'm interested in playing this game anymore.. i've played free to play games before where i payed money for fashion sets and other such things, but wow is a subscription based game, that's a totally different thing. you pay for the basic game, you pay for the expansions, and above all that you pay your monthly fees, why on earth would i have to pay even more for simple in-game items?! it just doesn't feel right.
the whole idea that it's owkay to charge extra because it's only vanity, is not very well thought-through, it's as important to me as any other aspect of the game, it's part of why i pay and play.

Frozen orbs to be greed only in patch 3.3.3 {WoW}

Mar 12th 2010 6:42PM i normally don't make the effort to add any comments of my own, but really do feel inclined to do so this time.
Basil, please tell me i misread this, are you really saying that -profession bound- items like books of glyph mastery are on the same level as simple trade goods / reagents like frozen orbs? really?!
i've been called a ninja far too many times for needing on one of those books, even though i'm a scribe, and i'm quite sick of it tbh.
a few measily gold coins in your pockets is -not- equally valuable as a permanent addition to a profession i've spent time and effort into levelling.
why anyone would think so is beyond me.

and for the record, it's not all about gold and profit, one of the major reasons i keep that profession around is to help out friends and guildies.