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Totem Talk: Leveling Enhancement 41-60 {WoW}

Apr 17th 2010 8:06PM Hi Rich,

Cheers for the guide, I've leveled a shammy from 1-80 as enhancement and its one of the most fun specs to play in wow. I may be outdated on this but your advice under the Level 44- 45 section where you say:

" Imbues should be from here and forever forward (in PvE) be Windfury on main hand and Flametongue on off hand. "

At 80 i agree (maybe even from 65 depending on talents) as you'd have 5/5 Elemental Fury in the elemental tree which gives Flametongue the edge over windfury and weapons speeds are preferred to be as close to 3sec as possible 2.6-2.8, picking a 2.4sec weapon over a lesser ilevel 2.6 weapon can lead to a dps loss
" (if the weapon speed is above 2.0, then it's considered slow; most are in the 2.4-2.7 range)"

And one last thing i noticed (and this may be viewed as nit-picking but to save mana and reduce downtime while leveling ill say it) is you put FS on the top of your priority list for soloing mobs (not bosses), since FS will not finish off its ticks on most mobs your attacking it is be better to just use ES

As i said its been a while since i leveled a shaman and this might just be outdated (things change fast in WOW) if it is please tell me

Anyway enjoyed the read looking forward to your next instalment

Cataclysm Class Changes: Mage Analysis {WoW}

Apr 12th 2010 3:44PM @ Sinthar

Read my post again

I have no concerns for the shaman class we bring a lot of raid utility albeit slightly less that other classes, Dev aura 10% increase > our totem 9% horn of winter AP and STR =our totem but less mobile. Shamans are well used to have a weaker buff than others but always find our place, BL is not the only reason to take a shaman

I'll try to explain my concern about the mage version of BL a bit better for you:
Looking at other class changes it seems to me that all classes in Cat are going to have some way of coping with movement intensive fights.
As you said we already have Blink and Icy block (our Oh-Sh button) but there not really up to par yes Blink will move you our of fire once but that doesn't help when we need constant movement and Ice block can help us once to be immune from whatever is trying to kill us
But from what other classes are getting and the movement buff on Time warp I can see Cat having a lot of very movement intensive fights
in the current game that type of fight sends a magi DPS through the floor (even with blink and ice block)
As stated above when movement buffs are good to use typically raid wide haste buffs are wasted
and vice versa when raid wide buffs are good to use movement buffs are wasted

Would you not agree that the movement component of the spell would but a lot more useful being attached to Icy veins and just keep Time Warp as a magi version of BL

If that was the way the spell was then we would have both shaman and magi in pugs sometimes hitting there TW/BL at the wrong time (players are players not classes) but we will never have anyone wasting a raid wide haste just for there movement buff

Cataclysm Class Changes: Mage Analysis {WoW}

Apr 11th 2010 10:25PM @ krizzlybear

Please dont take my coment as a dig at the mage class (as i said i play a mage myself it was my first charater and i still play him) and yes there will always be players who dont know what there doing, ideal situation when BL is used will be called out at the start ...going to use BL 5sec after boos is engaged, at start of phase 2 or at 25% everyone knows when the blow there CD's and no i dont have a problem with anyone else using BL or when mages can use there TW

My concern is the added benefit magi get from TW, increased movement speed, at the moment when BL is used its during a phase of little need to move so that all classes can get the most out of the increased DPS (useless popping BL when you have to move and cant cast) which means the movement buff magi get will be useless to them

Movement buffs are always useful when you need to get away from whatever is killing you but typicaly you just have to move on these phases and get little oppertunity to pump out the DPS the raid wide haste is wasted

Now we will have a suituation where a mage has to get out of whatever and the speed buff would be every usefull but he cant just push the button and go, he has to think am i going to be on a boss within 10min or am i already sated and its safe to use. I can see alot of mages not thinking and just popping, at least with other shaman (or if the speed buff wasn't on TW) the thought would be is this the best time to give everyone a Haste buff or should i wait and yes some get it wrong

Personaly i Think the speed buff would be better going onto Icyveins and making it so magi can use it as an O-sh...nooooo button to move but not causing the whole raid to become sated and having TW that just gave a haste buff ...more ppl that can BL is a win win

Cataclysm Class Changes: Mage Analysis {WoW}

Apr 11th 2010 9:13PM Time Warp, on the surface it looks great another class that can do BL AND we get a movement speed increase !!! looking at the healer's new spells (I also play a resto shaman) with allot of them getting some ability to move better I.e.. shamans casting on the move, Disc priest PW: barrier (protect the raid in a flash and run) I predict end game Cat is going to have a lot of bosses that require us to move a lot, in the past that spelt doom for mage DPS, but not now we can get a speed buff for those tricky times, run out of fire---quick cast---move more---quick cast---move etc etc. great for the mage
However looking at it on a raid scale, 25man we probably will have a shaman somewhere in the mix his/her BL affects the whole raid the same way it affects him so the only reason to pop BL is when it helps the whole raid the most, some bosses at the start when you know everybody is up and you get the most DPS out of it, some bosses you want to pop it at certain phases to get through them quickly others at the last 25% when there enraged. Sure now a mage can do the same job and pop it when the whole raid can use it the same way, but and I think its a big BUT, mages also get a speed buff ONLY for themselves which means there will be times a mage will get great use out of TW (time warp) but it won't be the ideal time to pop a BL
Where the problem lies is TW will give you sated debuff and unable to use BL or TW for 10min and unfortunately I can see some (not all) magi using it at right times for them but not the raid and then the raid not being able to benefit from BL when its actually needed resulting in 24 other ppl spaming WTF ...MAGE!!!! why. First we had Huntard....then DKard.....please god dont let it be mageard

Totem Talk: Restoration addons and macros, Page 2 {WoW}

Apr 6th 2010 6:26PM @ Abhoth

"I've been trying to find a way to program in assist on right click and taunt their target for those people who don't know how to manage their threat or attack the tanks' targets but haven't found a way for it to work yet"

Did you try setting it up as a macro and then assigning it to the macro section in the spell options, i haven't tryed it but sure this would work for you

Clarification on Cataclysm dispel mechanics {WoW}

Apr 6th 2010 5:35PM Yes and No ...there will have a remove magic (debuff) off ourself's/group (new) and a remove magic (buff's) off a target (purge) but it will only be for resto shaman's, elemental and enhance shamans will only have Cleanse Spirit

Cataclysm dispel mechanics {WoW}

Apr 5th 2010 11:10PM I was standing in my garden the other day ...looked next door .....his was greener too

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: I cannot see the future Page 2 {WoW}

Mar 14th 2010 6:51AM You could have:

Arms tanking, rage builds over time and gain rage with each hit taken (builds up even standing still and very fast when hit) but you need to keep rage in a sweet spot (more so controlling your rage) high rage (75-100) would lead to a lot of misses (your out of control) thus less treat low rage (0-25) would be weak attacks

Fury tanking, you want to keep it constantly high some moves gain rage others dump it. fury tanks would want to go in like psychos if the rage is low there weak, they would have big dump moves so you would have to lace in rage building with rage dumping (always trying to keep rage above 60)

Prot tanking.....As is (can’t really think of another way to use rage)