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Spiritual Guidance: Priests, lies, and transmogrification {WoW}

Aug 29th 2011 12:12PM My gnome engineer priest will use the blue overalls or mechbuilder's overalls (if the ever drop!) and perhaps some nice googles.

15 Minutes of Fame: Come one, come all to the astounding Traveling Museum of Debris {WoW}

Jul 29th 2011 12:52AM Shoot, I just got an ancient
Coin the other day and ended up Selling it to a vendor. I'll see if a GM can restore it for me.
I'm on Quel'dori if you want it send an in game mail to Cogwright and we can figure something out. No charge for you.

Blood Sport: How to start a new character for PvP, part 2 {WoW}

May 4th 2011 6:44AM I switched from frost mGe to disc priest and love it. While I've enjoyed the dps role, nothing is as satisfying as being the one person in the BG keeping your team alive and helping win the BG.Of course I get my arse handed to me o n more than regular basis in those BGs. I'm only level 63, but I'm finally hitting the grove and can't wait to the end game. It helps that the level 60 epic pvp is pretty awesome looking. I tried leveling a healer before, but only focused on pve. A big reason Im having so much fun this time is the dynamics and challenge of pvp. You never are really sitting in the back you have to be constantly thinking and anticipating the next move.

Blood Sport: How to start a new character for PvP, part 1 {WoW}

Apr 29th 2011 2:37PM Hey everyone. Great read and comments as always. In prep for Cata I rolled a new character that planned on do mainly PVP. Because of limited play time, I wanted the the time I was on to matter and to matter to my guild and BG. So I ditched my mage and picked up a priest. I'm only 56, but I'm loving it so far. I'm still trying to figure out a good spec for BG pvp. If any of you good folks had recommendations or tips for PVP priest healing, please pass along. I'm still trying to figure out best spells, etc. Also, does anyone have a good blog or website that focus on PVP healing?

Spiritual Guidance: Macros for healing priests {WoW}

Apr 18th 2011 11:50PM Hello all. Perfect timing for this article. I'm slowly leveling a holy preiest and looking for any tips or guides like this. I'm focusing on BG healing and still have a lot to learn. I mostly use Renew, Flash Heal and PWS, with a lightwell when defending a node. Can anyone point me to any good pvp focused resources or have any tips or macros for a pvp leveling priest? I'm currently level 54 and have been using Vuhdo.

All rated battlegrounds to become 10v10s {WoW}

Feb 4th 2011 3:29PM What rated BG is this weekend? Hate to ask, but I can't log in now to check. Thanks!

The Queue: Huzzah! {WoW}

Jan 28th 2011 1:27PM While I can into the twink world late in WoTlk, after the xp turn off, it is still pretty active. If you go to any of the twink blogs you will find a great community of people. If anything with the new xpac, it seems people are focusing more of thier mains and leveling and that is one of the main reasons for the lackmofmactivity.'the key to beating the BG queue times is to play your twink on weekend nights. I hate the immature ganking mentailty that existed, but honestly that can be found just about in any part of this game. Building a twink is fun. Testing yourself within self imposed limits and playing against other people in the community. While there is heavy focus on gear, once you have your gear set you really don't have to grind fto update it at a new season starts, unlike endgame pvp. Ultimatly it's more about your skills than gear. Of course this is the current version, not the junior high immature kid version from before. My two cents. (apologize for grammar, spelling and rambling. Writing this on my phone at work).

Blood Sport: Gearing up for arena, Cataclysm edition {WoW}

Jan 5th 2011 3:30PM Quick question. Does anyone have suggestions for any blogs that focus on WoW PVP? I'm planning on spending a large % of my time this xpac in PVP and want to read up as much as I can. Thanks in advance!

The Queue: /salute, Keeria {WoW}

Nov 20th 2010 7:54AM Adam,

I assume one of those fine folks in the White House is Keeria. Is she working in DC now? I live in DC and always wondered how many WOW players were in the area. DC'ers tend to be workaholics, so I assume it was a pretty low %.

On a different note: When is WOW Insider going to fix the tag function on the mobile site. Anytime I click a tag, it takes me to a blank page.

Blood Sport: Cataclysm PvP is theoretically awesome {WoW}

Nov 17th 2010 7:08AM Thanks for the reply. That all makes sense. My only thought was a much better chance of running info good pvp players on a pvp server, but with all mergers I guess server is not as big of a deal. I'll start looking around on my home server for some folks to team up with for rated BGs.