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Thoughts on the death knight tanking change {WoW}

Apr 7th 2010 7:05PM Blood is now tanking?. Before we dive into the more specifics about tanking in WoW, i'd like to point out that I've always felt that Frost had that tank feel, just like how Ice Block protects the mage, I've always felt that that ice stuff signified the sturdiness of tanking, while Blood was made to believe as a more DPS tree, in which you make your opponents bleed, and having a San' Layin feel to it like in Icecrown. This is my personal opinion since' i'm a major lore nerd when it comes to WoW. Now to dive into the game aspect.

When it comes to centralizing the tanking tree, I generally agree with what's happening. I'm a primarily DPS DK, but have experimented with Tanking as much as i could, frequently being off-tank, but trying main-tank once in a while. I've also played a 64 prot pally whom I use to tank frequently through the dungeon finder. Comparing the 64 paladin tank to my level 80 dk Tank spec leads me to believe that DK tanks never have that extra umph that all the other classes that tank do. As the Ghostcrawler article about DK tanking has stated, it feels like it's watered down since the tree seems to try and accomplish so much. The Paladin has many emergency tanking abilities at their disposal including Hand of Salvation, Righteous Defense, Bubbles, Holy Shield, and countless others that buff it and get it ready for any situation, even a well placed Exorcism saves lives. Yet when tanking as a Death Knight, it's the situation of constantly holding down the threat, and if any of the mobs peel off, then you're pretty much screwed over. You have a Dark Command, Death Grip, and Death Coil as your only real choices to get back agro.

So because of this, DK tanks ahve earned a bad reputation, and focusing the DK tank tree will definitely improve that. I appreciated the work Blizzard did in experimenting with the different trees, it was really fun. I've played a Frost DPS before moving on to Blood DPS, and both were incredibly fun. On a certain level, i'm glad that Frost will be primarily DPS again because playing DPS with multi-crit Howling Blast is.... what can i say? Incredibly satisfying. Anyway, because of this centralization of tanking spec, DK tanks will be much more prevalent, and I bet that they can even out-tank druids in that respect once they get their talents together under one bunch.

I already know that there was Frost DPS change, but it seems that frost always felt tank-ish as explained above.

Maintenance day loot from {WoW}

Mar 16th 2010 7:41PM Seriously?? wow, that's cool!