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Spiritual Guidance: The sorta-official shadow priest census {WoW}

Sep 22nd 2011 1:11AM you know what makes a SP awesome? its shadowform. however, every SP looks the same in shadowform! let's get creative here, ok? i want shades of purple and maybe some other colours, which should be sorta related to the gear. royal purple for ppl in full T13 gear, less purplish for ppl who wear lower level epics, bluish-purple for ppl in blues, and greenish-purple for ppl still wearing green stuff.

Breakfast Topic: Do you blog about WoW? {WoW}

Sep 18th 2011 10:26PM didnt check armory but read her blogpost. bravo for opting to go solo! it's a given that you cant depend on your buddies all the time. you gotta mix it up with others, good, bad or just plain ugly!

while you can tank better with perfect gear, etc, you can also tank in less ideal gear, which is usually the case. i have taken my L80 warrior tank into LFG while still having lots of pre-cata gear (the alt never did cata quests. just kept idle until i found/made enuf cata tanking plate gear to get to the minimum required gear level in order to queue for cata LFG)

however, it is the tank's responsibility to ensure his self buff is the best for tanking. hence, dev should be cast by the tank even if another pally is in the group. dont depend on others, make sure you have the right self buffs on.

the reason the dungeon run was so bad was cos the party just didnt run together as a group. which is really REALLY rare. even if someone enters a dungeon for the first time, they wouldnt just go off on their own, they would stick around and follow whoever moves first. so i would just chalk that off as a fire and forget event. most dungeon runs will be ok even if there are a couple of wipes here and there (for example, tank or healer dc).

Amazon Deal of the Day: Cataclysm for $20 {WoW}

everyone needs a hero. instead of having to create new toons from scratch or a hero class. allow ppl to create new characters at any level they prefer, with a cap at maybe 10 levels below the current level cap. they should then be automatically equipped with the basic white gear for their level (but the gear has no resale value to prevent ppl from making money off it). all character start off at their respective faction capital city, except those who are created at levels which can benefit from starter zones (Level 1 to 5).

CON: noob new players who dont know how to play their class. we will always have them, just more of them with this system, i guess.

there are too many xpacs, bliz should just condense them into the original. so that there is just 1 game to install, and 1 latest xpac to install. period.

The people who paid for all the xpacs to play already paid. The people who levelled from 1 to level cap have already enjoyed the content. now is time to move on, and get new ppl into the game.

WoW Rookie: A raid rookie's lexicon of raiding language {WoW}

Jun 16th 2011 11:23PM some more raid terms

range X - this is for certain fights where the players have to keep a certain distance away from each other. every member who has to keep track of this will need to type /range X where X is the distance for that fight so that they can be notified when others are in their range or they have wandered into range of someone else.

brez - usually the raid leader will call out which dead player will be rezzed first.

wipe it - kinda obvious. but some ppl continue to heal/tank/dps and waste everyone's time. when that is called, just stop whatever ur doing and let the boss kill ya. or just run into the fire and die. if you didnt die, you cant use the next time warp/heroism/bloodlust/etc due to the exhaustion cd on your still alive toon.

Officers' Quarters: Alt run aggression {WoW}

Jun 13th 2011 10:10PM IRONCLAD GUILD

in the first place, the guild rules were too vague.

guildies have to register their toons for official raids, together with their commitment that puts that as priority (including standby duty and or rotation policies). that ensures loot goes to main spec as first priority, alt spec 2nd. any toons not registered should then be available for 'casual' raids (unofficial).


so what this means is, no guildie shall advertise about their casual raids on guild channels/etc. otherwise, go thru the standard approval process to make it official.

what could happen:
ppl can go behind the guild and run their own casual raids. so the guild will have to make a rule that they cannot recruit guildies for casual raids. everything is official or else.


now, in the event that a guild is flexible, ie allow anyone to run their own raids for guildies outside of the official raids, then situations as per post happens. then the guild council will have to advise the casual raid owners of their responsibilities to uphold the guild and not create a mess.

what if the mess does not go away:
tough luck. a flexible guild does not have the means to clear mess by rule but only by persuasion.

kick offenders out of guild.

Breakfast Topic: What keeps you playing? {WoW}

May 23rd 2011 10:58PM what keeps me playing (order of pref in descending order):
guildies who are IRL friends
rep grinding

Breakfast Topic: Do you collect anything in WoW? {WoW}

Apr 5th 2011 10:35PM i collect stuff i am interested in that i come across in wow:
- every hunter i have tames a ghost saber (but not the other exotic pets)
- hydrocane from gnomer (underwater breathing if you can equip it)
- wirt's third leg (cos of diablo)
- piccolo from strat
- rivendare mount from strat
- old ironjaw from fishing pool in IF
- singing sunflower pet (but only one, cos i dont like plants vs zombies)

Blizzard comments on Outland and Northrend leveling in Cataclysm {WoW}

Mar 31st 2011 10:10PM having just cleared outlands on my L68 pally (prot), i can say it's been a fun and nostalgic run (since i have approx 15 L80s and 5 85s).

basically, it's so easy to level these days that you can never do even half the quests, esp since you will also want to run LFG and check out the instances. so i just focussed on some quests that mattered to me:
* hellfire peninsula - the chain that leads to the quest for the 1st instance, hellfire ramparts (Do the Know Your Enemy quest, which leads to the Fel Orc Scavengers quest, which leads to Ill Omens, which then opens up Weaken the Ramparts instance quest.)
* zangarmarsh - getting to L63 and being friendly with sporeggar to get the 2 quests for the coilfang reservoir instance, the underbog. (Oh, It’s On! and Stalk the Stalker)
* flying to auchindon to pick up the instance quests from npcs outside the instances. including the long chain for crypts (I See Dead Draenei > Ezekiel > What Book? I Don’t See Any Book > The Master’s Grand Design > Vision of the Dead > Levixus the Soul Caller > Everything Will Be Alright).
* nesingwary quest chain in nagrand. i like to hunt animals for meat!
* nagrand is also nice do some of the starting quests for telaar and consortium

The OverAchiever: Farewell to The Exalted {WoW}

Feb 10th 2011 10:14PM bliz should read my post. this is how to do it.

Title: "The Exalted (50 rep)"
Former title: "The Exalted" should now be "The Exalted (40 rep)"


The title fawners can now go kiss the behinds of those with the 50 rep. and the 40 rep guys are still exalted. sorta.

Arcane Brilliance: The mage survival guide, part 1 {WoW}

Feb 6th 2011 9:29PM this reminded me of the run i had in dire maul over the weekend on my L42 mage. group pulled ravenoak, the hunter boss (who has a bear pet) together with a mob near her. we managed to kill off the mob, but then the tank died kwhen the hunter boss was half life. i sheeped her pet, then proceed to kill off the boss (by then the other 2 dps were dead too). ran out of mana after killing her, so i cast evocation, then finish off her pet. frost mage FTW! but the healer was damn pro too. kept me alive while i was one-on-one with the boss at range.