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Ask TUAW: reading Mac files from Windows, printing posters, VNC and more {}

Aug 26th 2007 3:17PM Dear Ask TUAW,

Is there a way (system preference or plugin) to make the yellow minimize button in the window border hide the window instead of minimizing it to the dock? I know I can just type Command-H or select the entry from the applications menu, but I'd rather do it with the yellow button because I never actually use the minimize built-in minimize functionality.


The strange case of 'Made for iPhone' websites {}

Jul 18th 2007 9:55AM The answer is relatively simple: since the web browser is the "SDK" on the iPhone these sites are iPhone only because they are meant to be iPhone apps and not general web apps.

You could argue that if something is a good iPhone app it might make a good web app as well, but that assumes that the developer is willing to take the time to make it both a web app and an iPhone app.

Ask TUAW: Sharing iPhoto and iTunes between users, seeing who's connected, scrubbing Sercices, and more {}

Jun 4th 2007 1:44PM Question:
When a program creates a dialog box there is always a preselected entry highlighted in blue that I can select just by pressing the Enter/Return key. How can I select a non-default option without using the mouse?

This always comes up when I'm trying to log into a website whose username/password combination I can't remember, so I don't want Safari to remember, but it always asks me if I want to remember it with the 'Yes' option as the default.