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Ensidia temporarily banned for exploits {WoW}

Mar 18th 2010 2:03AM That blog was NOT intended to be a farcical approach, it was intentionally plagiarized in the hope that noone would possibly figure it out. Also, to the most important point....I WAS IN THE RAID...I WAS IN VENT!!!! THE CHEAT WAS 100% INTENTIONAL. EVeryone was laughing at how easy this was using the cheat and how they were going to be the first to down the Lich King, it was all a big joke to everyone. We knew exactly what we were doing and the GM was going on and on so much about "don't tell anyone" I'm surprised his tongue didn't cramp. Why am i doing this now? Well, thats simple.....I was recently screwed over and now I'm spilling the truth, this isn't the first time we've cheated the game to get ahead but this was the first time we got banned. You will all see Ensidia slide down the rankings because the GM is so nervous about being watched he doesn't dare even try anything remotely considered a cheat.......we can't stay on top without cheating the game, its the way we've always done it and frankly we're not skilled like the other guilds.