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Dealing with off-specs (or being one) {WoW}

Oct 5th 2006 3:02AM I agree that when you're guild is trying to accomplish something and is having difficulties it's best to either spec for the raids needs or get out of the raid (like if a raid needs more healing and you're a balance druid, nothing against moonkins I just needed an example).

When my guild was starting MC a long while ago my spec was 31/20/0 (I'm a hunter). After a few nights I had the great epiphany of "hey, my pet dies kinda fast in these boss fights and is more or less useless" and spec'd to 0/21/30 for a half raid, half pvp build; granted that a hunter works pretty well for pvp and pve no matter what their build, heh. In the end I wound up in a 7/35/9 build for a more-so raid spec (also spec'd that partially because I got my 8/8 t1 but that's another story).

But on another note there are certainly places for off-spec players in raids if they're used correctly (feral druid with the warriors, shadow priest with the locks, etc).

Finnicks, I agree with you that it was ridiculous for you to be criticized for not having a cookie-cutter build. For a pure dps class our build doesn't necessarily effect our class role, it's simply a method to improve the way we like to play our class (yes, there are exceptions to this in varying situations but I'm being general).