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Recent Comments:

The Nine: Pilot (series premiere) {AOL TV}

Oct 5th 2006 4:24AM TOTALLY SUPERB!!!

From the Editor's Desk: Oct. 4 {Cinematical}

Oct 5th 2006 4:17AM hey, what did you expect? it's life...

Did Madonna adopt a baby boy? {ParentDish}

Oct 5th 2006 4:10AM well, depends on the nurses that madonna will give it... I think it is not the worst fate for a child!

Dealing with off-specs (or being one) {WoW}

Oct 5th 2006 4:02AM the off-specs... hsve seen lots of them... strange but interesting enemies

Winning Eleven headed to the Wii {Joystiq Nintendo}

Oct 5th 2006 3:38AM hey, whatever the name, I've played this and hope to find the wii version in the store soon!!!

Rosewood Plans Telluride Hotel {Luxist}

Oct 5th 2006 3:34AM hey-hey-hey, what a lucky town!

Mandatory BlackBerry Browser Bookmark: Mobile Wikipedia {BBHub}

Oct 5th 2006 3:19AM Finally! I hope the thing works on other types of mobile hardware...

Riddle me this copyright gurus... {Blog Maverick}

Oct 5th 2006 2:53AM oh, come on, these moneysacks are pissing off every single normal person with their will to get rent for information, in the maximum possible size! I think, if they could, they'd make a law for them to be paid for every time you listen to a song, not for the right to do it as much as you wish at home...