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Mar 21st 2010 8:00PM I, for one, am in favor of keeping weapon training and leveling. Fun? Not necessarily, but it's part of what makes the game more "realistic." Back in the day when swords and polearms and maces were the weapons of the armies, the soldiers trained. They were not born with the innate knowledge of these weapons. Modern day soldiers do not pick up an M-16 and inherently know what to do. Hence, basic training. The way I see it, those who simply want the knowledge are the same ones who just want to glide through the game and do nothing. "Oh, the low levels have no money... they have no this or that..." Well, go out and quest and earn it like the rest of us have done. We have it because we worked at it and had fun doing it. I am sure they are the same ones that used cheat codes on the old WoW and Diablo before the current game. Typical - least effort possible... maximum rewards possible.