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Cataclysm Stat & System Changes Revealed {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2010 5:54AM I am excited... As a WARlock i would have hoped they would bump us to leather ,mail or plate. I mean think about it... War is in the title and druids and shamans can equipt stronger gear... I think that's backwards.
but one can only dream... I hope the changes in protection make destro more attractive for PVP since at the moment the gap is too high... and I have to play affliction... run and cast.
Although they have not said anything about it, i hope they get rid of deamon skin, it's useless, we have deamon armor. What's the point!!!
Sooo glad that I won't need sperit to make my fel armor effective... Thank god for that. This is exciting, and very interesting... now scale up our deamons (like you do with pets for hunters) and we are in business... OH! how about we can keep our enslaved deamons for as long as we want... Insted of enslave deamon... we call it Train Deamon, and we feed it the courpses we leave in our wake.