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Lichborne: Icecrown 5-man gear for death knights {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2010 7:40PM "whether Will of the Necropolis is worth getting now or even makes Blood the best tank spec"
Are you serious? Will of the Necropolis was always a top talent as its 5%-precondition saved its internal cooldown for the big hits you wanted the extra protection against. With the removal of the cd it has become a flat 15% EH increase. It is (and actually has been) a no-brainer to take. Also, Blood has been the number one spec for serious dk tanking since beginning of ulduar - any ground gained by frost as its competitor (it's close enough in performance right now to be considered if you enjoy the style) is lost by the change to WotN. Also, ICC5 loot? Patch 3.3 hit three months ago, that might have been interesting back then.
I always feel a little disappointed after reading your lichborne colum, it seems as if dk is not your main class. Sorry to sound so negative, but, well...