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12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: Nightsaber Cubs from {WoW}

Dec 17th 2011 5:02PM That's like supercute, gimme!

Zarhym weighs in on Theramore rumors in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Oct 24th 2011 5:05PM If you read Wolfheart by Richard A. Knaak, you see the most awesome looking Alliance victory in it..

Hope to see something in MoP^^.

Lichborne: How to use Mind Freeze and other death knight spell interrupts {WoW}

Feb 9th 2011 5:47AM You can also just write the mouse-over macro like this

/cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead][] Mind Freeze

I't's alot cleaner, and you only have to type Mind Freeze once plus it checks if the target isn't dead (as the macro fails if your mouse hangs over a dead enemy). The second and empty [] is that it does it's basic thing, interupting your target.

PTR Patch 4.0.6 notes updated for Jan. 24 {WoW}

Jan 24th 2011 5:51PM More added salt in the wounds for Ferals.. and it stings like hell :'(

WoW Insider's Cataclysm Launch Giveaway: Ethereal Portal loot code {WoW}

Dec 8th 2010 6:48AM Awesomesauce, perfect for my collection : ).

WoW Insider's Cataclysm launch giveaway: Landros' Gift Box {WoW}

Dec 6th 2010 5:07PM I do like gifts.. awesome :D.

Cataclysm Collector's Edition contents announced {WoW}

Aug 17th 2010 12:39PM Not too shabby.. like the Soundtracks CD and hope that the Mousepad will be from Steelseries :D.

Definatly gonna buy it..

Enter to win a Blazing Hippogryph and other loot {WoW}

Jul 27th 2010 12:22PM Birdie looks awesome : )

Breakfast Topic: Design a unique healing spell {WoW}

Apr 9th 2010 8:07AM For shaman, combining all totems into a Mecha (ala Power Rangers :D). Who can shoot rockets that can heal :D

Leave a comment, win fabulous prizes! {WoW}

Mar 30th 2010 11:04AM Fear my totems, mon!