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Breakfast Topic: When your gaming gets emotionally charged {WoW}

Jun 4th 2010 10:05AM I feel your pain as a fellow DK that refuses to queue for another random. My only 80 is my first toon ever, a night elf druid (balance/resto duel) that I leveled pretty much solo with very few dungeon runs when friends were available (pre-dungeon finder). Now I run the lowbie dungeons doing rep quests, but thats aside from the point. I've tried dungeon finder, but after 2 failed attempts at healing because I was the one dying, I refuse to try again there too unless I manage to find myself better gear.. because I'm told gear score matters. Whatev.

I rolled a tauren druid (resto) with a friend of mine and she queued us in the dungeon finder almost every time we met to play. We'd quest as we waited for groups. I thought this was great. Getting through the dungeons was fun, quests got done, I thought it would be nice to try it on my other toons. So, I started playing my abandoned blood elf mage till she reached the level to queue for dungeons. I met some great people, groups are hit or miss, but generally not bad. Its fun, I still queue on that toon when I play.

So, I decide to attempt a dungeon with my DK. She is level 70, but I think at the time was about 68-69. I queued as damage because I didn't want the responsibility of being a tank with my overall general inexperience with dungeons. I know that Dks are usually tanks, especially blood DKs, but I didn't want to drag a group down by not knowing what to do. So I wait (what seems like forever) in queue and finally get into a group. I say hello, they say hello and I thought all would be fine. We go along killing a couple mobs, no one died, no aggro was taken, it all seemed just fine. Out of no where the group leader says 'can you please leave'. I wasn't addressed by name, but I knew she meant me. I didn't ask why, and I guess I didn't leave or respond fast enough when she addressed me by name and in a second line added 'no one wants you here'. Now, none of the other members had said a word (doesn't mean they weren't whispering or talking on vent or something). Not wanting to cause issue, I just said sure. As I was teleporting out, I saw that someone in the group had offered to pay me 10 gold to leave. I had clicked the name before the teleport took me out to say no one had to pay me, but being on a different realm once I was out of the party I couldn't say anything to them. I was so mad. I didn't understand what made her ask me to leave because there were no problems through at least 3 mobs. I was doing my part, but not taking aggro from the tank or causing problems for the healer. Bloods have enough self heal that I can't see how that would be an issue. I could see if I was hurting the group, but again, Whatev. I still play my DK, but I won't queue again.

With your new character, try it out from the lowest level it lets you in, I think 15 or so. There really are some good groups and helpful people that will give you tips. I know its discouraging when you're new and rather than experienced players being helpful they get mad because you dare to be new and not an expert. But there are some nice ones out there. I try to be helpful to lower levels I see around if they're in trouble. Don't give up! :)

Breakfast Topic: Stop and smell the flowers before they're gone! {WoW}

Mar 25th 2010 9:47AM I'm not returning to the game, per se, I've only been playing a little over a year. I've had to take breaks during the time I have been playing for school and work related things.. but nothing longer than a few weeks. I only have 1 level 80, a night elf druid. I have several alts, a 66 night elf death knight some lower levels, a human warlock.. blood elf mage, and the one I've been working on most recently a 37 tauren druid. I've seen a good portion of the alliance zones of the game, I'm still trying to max all of my professions and skills prior to Cataclysm.. maybe even complete loremaster (although i'm not sure I'll get that done in time). I am really enjoying my tauren, I'm leveling with a friend who has only played Horde toons since day one and is just returning after a year or so break, so its like having a guided tour of all things Horde. It is nice to see different zones and level through them. I'm glad I'm getting to see all of the zones before Cataclysm blows them up. Sadly, and I should possibly run for cover here, I've never seen 'end game' content. I've played through the zones for BC and Wrath, but.. I don't raid so I've only read about taking out the lich king and other such content in articles posted here. There are so many possibilities to actually see some of that now with my tauren, my friend and I stumbled into a really nice guild and have been making use of the dungeon finder.

My favorite zones, Alliance - I think I will always enjoy Teldrassil/Darnassus and that whole area. I liked it when I first went through there, and it was nice to go back when I was grinding rep.. I take all my toons through there at some point, for both the rep and the scenery. Astranaar is pretty, all the trees have colors, its like its always autumn there. Western Plaguelands I liked because it was an easy place to grind cloth, but as a newbie going through there I hated it at first. Horde zones - I haven't seen a lot of em.. so I'll re-word that to say "capital city", I'm kind of liking Thunderbluff.. although I hated it at first and chalked it up to being as confusing, if not worse, than booty bay or Exodar in terms of navigation.. but as it is the only place short of teleport to moonglade that has a druid trainer, I've gotten used to it.