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Sociologists using Warcraft to predict the future of human civilization; sell books {WoW}

Mar 26th 2010 8:12PM @Banzai

Yes, there are many, many studies showing positive correlation between secularism and crime rates/happiness, as well as intelligence.
Here's a few articles/threads on the subject I found with just a simple Google search:

Just because you want to think that we're trying to seem high and mighty doesn't mean we are. Look at the facts before you go ahead and lie by accusing us of using loaded statements.

It's pretty comical that you don't realize that most gods are, in fact, sky wizards. They grant wishes and create things with magic. Sounds like a wizard to me.

And yeah, I'd have to say religious people have something "off" in their heads. It's a belief based on absolutely no evidence besides anecdotes and a 2000-year-old book of desert fairy tales (give or take a few hundred years). Of course there could be a god of some kind, but to insist that there is based on NOTHING shows a level of stupidity that is hard to match.

You have an obscenely low chance of winning the lottery, so why would you live your life believing that you'll win in the future? It's the height of idiocy.

Sociologists using Warcraft to predict the future of human civilization; sell books {WoW}

Mar 26th 2010 11:48AM Yeah, I'd have to say that the rest of the world, where we do think that we just die, is more civilized. Lower crime rates, happier people, less teen pregnancy, less divorce. Just because you want to believe that there's an invisible sky wizard telling you who to hate doesn't mean that there actually is one, and until it's demonstrated that such a (horrific dictator) being exists, us normal people will continue to live our lives loving and helping each other instead of condemning people that believe in a different kind of pixie to a torture chamber with a broken thermostat.

*deep breath* and that's all for me.