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Breakfast Topic: Mists of Pandaria beta's lack of NDA {WoW}

Mar 21st 2012 8:05AM Monks. I just want gobs and gobs of information on Monks. Mostly through videos.

Breakfast Topic: What will you be wearing the first day of transmogrification? {WoW}

Sep 23rd 2011 8:22AM My dk will have the starting set.

My hunter will have dragonstalker and the epic hunter weapons.

My druid will have tier4 with the cthulu staff.

Scattered Shots: Optimizing your hunter for heroics {WoW}

Dec 15th 2010 9:42AM Multi-shot doesn't seem to be applying serpent sting anymore after Tuesday.

Any plans to alter the spec?

Know Your Lore: The Prophet Velen, the light and the darkness {WoW}

Sep 16th 2010 7:59AM Your best post yet. 10/10.

The WoW Insider Show Episode 148: Spoiler Alert {WoW}

Jul 13th 2010 10:32AM Shadowstep is so fun HOW HAVE YOU NOT AT LEAST TRIED IT?!

Also great show as always :D

The Light and How to Swing It: Gearing a new level 80 ret paladin, part 3 {WoW}

Jun 23rd 2010 3:11PM Does it not matter that armor pen isn't good for ret paladins? I would think you'd value expertise and haste over armorpen; even in badge vs tier.

Blood Sport: PvE gear in arena {WoW}

May 17th 2010 10:25PM Great chune. One of the best from '09.

Call for submissions: The shape of guilds to come {WoW}

Apr 27th 2010 2:24PM I tried to add a seed submission but the site won't let me do fuck all :(

Scattered Shots: Rhok out with your Lok out {WoW}

Mar 30th 2010 10:01AM Just wanna say this was a great article to read and that it brought back a ton of memories for me doing this quest chain and helping others do it.

The better times of WoW are definitely behind us.