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Dungeon Siege 3 review: An Id's paradise {Joystiq}

Jun 30th 2011 4:59PM If you play this game as an RPG and not "another dungeon siege game" it's one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have. Control scheme is lame, but you can quickly adapt if you're a gamer. Co-op is sadly not worth your time, but the single player experience is fantastic. As someone who has played through the game it is obvious many of the complaints are from people who barely started the game, or just played the demo.

The combat is incredibly fun. It easily defeats that of any ARPG I've played. The quests and story are engaging and interesting, and by the end you're tied in to what's going to happen. The decisions you make in the game do in fact change the ending.

It's not perfect, and it has flaws. However I don't believe this game deserves the bashing that it has received. When taken as a single player, one-run-through ARPG it is truly an epic, engaging experience with edge-of-your-seat combat and a story you don't want to end.

Optically challenged computers rejoice! {Download Squad}

Jul 2nd 2008 3:02PM I'd suggest alcohol 52%.

1) it's free, just like what's mentioned here.
2) it's the cleanest and easiest to use. right click on an image, select mount -> mount image.
3) it's small and not a resource hog.

For some reason virtual clonedrive just bugs me.

WiiHD's homebrew guide: hacking doesn't get much easier than this {Engadget}

Jun 24th 2008 3:34PM as stated above, it disabled the OLD twilight hack, but it was re-hacked.

Breakfast Topic: What tank should I level? {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2008 9:15AM As the first poster said it really depends what you want to tank. You said heroics/early raiding.

For heroics i'd say paladin, hands down. AoE tanking in heroics is incredible. A paladin would do find in Kara as a main tank as well, but not as well as a druid/warrior. However, i hated leveling a paladin. AoE grinding is boring, and questing as a paladin just isn't as fun as other classes.

For fun of leveling, versatility, flight form! and overall awesomeness i'd say go druid. You won't find any class that is as fun to level (Warlock is tied).

Last Resort gets first Thori'dal drop on live realms {WoW}

May 29th 2008 4:40PM anyone else think this might be a preview to the fact that bows in WOTLK won't require ammo?

Breakfast Topic: The leveling curve (and bending it) {WoW}

May 29th 2008 8:25AM I'm currently doing quests in Terrokar and i'm 51% into 65, and I have only stepped foot into one instance, gaining only 20% of 64 from it.

I leveled to 60 in the old world since I do enjoy the plaguelands, and once I hit 60 I went and did my epic mount quest which gave me half of that level. So going into outlands i was 60.5, and 2.5 zones later i'm 65.5. I could easily see myself hitting 66 before i leave terrokar, probably 68 or so in Nagrand, not sure after that.

I can see two reasons why people hit 70 so fast. 1) they do a lot of instances, as you mentioned. or 2) They don't play every day until they hit 70, there are breaks between playing sessions. Rest XP builds up really quickly in these levels, so much so that a casual player can spend the majority of 60-70 with rest xp, and Blizzard didn't design the quests to take you through every zone with rest xp. While it may seem like a small bonus, it really adds up considering how many mobs you kill for quests in Outlands.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Are we barbarians? {WoW}

May 22nd 2008 4:16PM scaling with AP isn't for tanking, it's so prot warriors can put in crit/AP gear and pvp.

On the note of everyone drooling over dual stormheralds, they are UNIQUE! On top of that why in the world would you be using a level 70 item at level 80.

Is Karazhan no longer for entry level raiders? {WoW}

May 19th 2008 9:16AM This article seems to be really close-minded. It's amazing to me how some people can't see beyond their own view of the world.

"While I'm personally not too keen on bringing undergeared players for an epic train ride" Why the heck not? If you put yourself in their position would you be happy to get told "sorry, you need better gear" when they're in perfect gear for the instance? If it's a guild member help the damn guild member out! They may prove incredibly useful later on, and you will probably lose them with such an elitist attitude. Drops + badges will get that player geared up VERY quickly.

Does ONE player seriously make your 2.5 hour run turn into a 5 hour run? I suggest you try running kara with 9 people. When you clear it in three hours stop being such a jerk and bring someone who needs gear along to fill the last spot, they can't make it take any longer.

And yes, outside of your elitist raiding bubble of a world there are plenty of guilds still struggling in Kara, the majority of them being casual guilds that simply don't have a solid ten people to come every week so they pull in who's available. People with families (i.e. wives) who don't play WoW and spend quality time together on picnics, at baseball games, etc... don't care enough about a video game to commit so much time to it, and those are the people still having fun with the challenge that is Kara without overgearing it. You sound like one of those players who goes into an instance jumping around all the time and whining if the loot they wanted didn't drop, telling the entire raid how many times they have killed that boss without a drop. I doubt this is you, but you never know.

p.s. i'm in a sunwell raiding guild. However, i have many RL friends who are having a blast in Kara when they get a run together, and find defeating a new boss a great accomplishment. I'm always glad to join their runs on my nights off to help out explaining strategies and w/ dps. When my guild runs Kara we always find at least one person who needs gear, as disenchanted items are a complete waste. We have recruited many players through pugging a tenth and finding fantastic personable people with skill, or the willingness to learn.

Staying out of Outland {WoW}

May 16th 2008 11:57AM I just did 58-60 without stepping foot in outlands last week. There were plenty of quests, and I even quit before I had completed them all.

I've been using Joanna's horde leveling guide and it's fantastic. I have an old version so it's not updated with the leveling speed improvements so I wouldn't say it's the optimal guide still, but I had zero problems finding large groups of quests in each zone using that guide. I ended up skipping quite a bit of it, like blasted lands entirely (I hate that place anyway). By the time the guide said i should be 58 and go grind to 60 in outlands i was already 60, and could just go right into outlands (but i didn't, i did my warlock epic mount quest, which brought me 43% into 60 without stepping a foot into outlands, heh)

I say spend your time in winterspring/epl/wpl for 58-60, there are definitely enough quests now that they give so much xp. Maybe i'm biased as a warlock though. The only stat i care about is as much +dmg as i can get, and the starter outlands quests so far have only raised that +20 over my level 40 crafted gear. Of course they've given me a TON of int/sta, but I didn't really need it.