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Breakfast Topic: That voice you can't get out of your head {WoW}

Dec 22nd 2010 11:14AM I'm partial to Krik'thir the Gatewatcher's lines in Azol-Nerub. "The Gate must be protected at all costs! Strike out, and bring me their corpses." The effects on his voice are great; you can practically hear his mandibles quivering.

WoW Insider's Cataclysm launch giveaway: Landros' Gift Box {WoW}

Dec 6th 2010 4:53PM Midas welch rye, eig ess. Aph turrawl, itswhir thush ott.

Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects to be Christie Golden's next novel {WoW}

Dec 3rd 2010 9:06PM I predict we will eventually see not just the position of Earthwarder, but each of the Dragon Aspects replaced by non-dragon individuals, echoing Medivh's observation at the close of WC3: "The hope for future generations has always resided in mortal hands."

I would even go so far as to suggest Jaina, Anduin, and Malfurion as possible candidates for Spellweaver, Lifebinder, and Dreamer, respectively.


The Queue: What a lode {WoW}

Aug 27th 2010 11:29AM I've been wondering this myself. Certain things, it would seem, would have to be changed; Garrosh's presence at Warsong Hold, Tirion commentating the Trials, Thrall and Garrosh visiting the tournament. Then again, Garrosh was also in Nagrand during Wrath. Personally, I'm usually okay with accepting certain such redundancies, but with the Cataclysm changes being as extensive as they are (and affecting player experience whether they've bought the expansion or not), I am curious as to how Blizzard will handle this.

Cataclysm Beta: Login screen music {WoW}

Aug 13th 2010 11:54PM "The horn theme that starts at 5:45 gave me chills."

This. :)

Cataclysm Beta: Login screen music {WoW}

Aug 13th 2010 11:32PM I'm guessing Gilneas theme at 3:30.

Cataclysm Beta: Login screen music {WoW}

Aug 13th 2010 11:28PM The soaring french horns make my throat tighten. Beautifully awesome stuff. Goblin theme snippet at 5:26?

Scrolls of Lore presents all-new Cataclysm concept art {WoW}

Apr 23rd 2010 4:04PM I especially like what looks like a Dragon Turtle mount ( and this primal-looking "Dark Troll" ( some troll race-origin lore in Cataclysm? Many of the artwork I've seen so far showcases a really primordial, jungly design sensibility...really makes me wonder what they have in store for Stranglethorn Vale.

Win a pony from {WoW}

Apr 15th 2010 6:04PM Thanks! Steed will make a great birthday present for my girlfriend's Forsaken mage. :D