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Ready Check: How to fill out raiding applications {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2010 11:52PM I agree with you, but letting applicants to wait for 3 weeks or more doing stupids questions over and over its frustrating and the applicant loose interest at the end.
To summarize a parse its all you need to check that player before a trial period.
And sorry for my engrish.

Ready Check: How to fill out raiding applications {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2010 10:45PM I recently transfer from a terrilag and terribad realm to a very populated and well progressed realm in US (currently Top 3), so I filled like 10 applys in one week XD. Was really funny to read the response from some recruiters:
(some top 15 in realm) asking me every type of info like "waths your keybinds??", once you responce they continue with "link some wowlogs plz", then later asking for "other person that can certificate your good will and skill??" ... wtf, once I responce the 5th consecutive question just get a trial spot in a Top 5 of that realm making HM in ICC, and doing some of this HM as trial so... WTF with this ppl?
Recruiters its simple, everything come to a simple test, trial the applicants in the first ICC bosses (or that boss where none of your guild need gear) and you can get a idea of that player, stop looking for lies where you cant find it!