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Blizzard's post-mortem on Cataclysm dungeons and raids {WoW}

Mar 6th 2012 12:10AM re: Heroic dungeons, I basically felt that this was a very soft interview, as far as how he answered. It feels like he's saying, "Well, we overtuned the difficulty of heroics and made them too long etc.," but "Hey, we gave you the HoT dungeons, and they fit much better into our re-reevaluated idea of how long/difficult a dungeon should be, so that's a success."

I agree with you, Ata. I found myself so frustrated with the new dungeon mechanics at release, particularly as a melee player (and with people in pugs that insisted on playing like it was a Wrath-style aoe-fest), that I left the game for a while. When I eventually came back, I battled through some of those frustrations, but it's been a weird expansion in that regard.

I'll go ahead and concede that this is Blizzard interviewing Blizzard... but to me it's still disappointing to read some of Scott's answers. I think I was expecting, perhaps unrealistically, some more in-depth commentary (about what have been much-discussed issues for this expansion) from the Lead Encounter Designer.

Scattered Shots: Hunter pet changes -- QQ or HTFU? {WoW}

Jul 28th 2011 4:47PM I'm pretty sure he meant 7.3. Did you read what was in the sentence?
Dual wielding guns, minimum range removed, melee disarm... Things that
hunters would love but will most likely not get for a long, long time,
if ever.

Know Your Lore: Current Horde politics -- the tauren, page 2 {WoW}

Apr 18th 2010 1:42PM Have you been in ICC at all as Alliance? Where, after Deathbringer is killed, Varian acknowledges to Highlord Saurfang that his son fought heroically at the Wrathgate? I would say that THIS is the latest indication of Varian's views on orc genocide, NOT the Battle for the Undercity.

Insider Trader: The very best buff food {WoW}

Apr 6th 2010 9:34AM Yes, this.

As a druid, it's a great multi-purpose food, good for bear tanking, PvP, and a little extra burst while cat-dpsing trash. :)