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Addon Spotlight: Vuhdo {WoW}

Apr 7th 2010 3:29AM I was a healbot user until WotLK, about the time we got to KT in Naxx, read about Vuhdo on Plusheals, and decided to give it ago, was sold from the start, when the incoming icon warning seemed to give you a split second pre warn before the random hit freeze debuff thingy (lol, can't remember what it was called) would hit the most inconvenient players and you had what felt like a second to get a heal off on them before they died, none of the players within my range died and damage and heal seemed to hit at the same time. Previous night on KT we had wipe after wipe (first time in) largely due to players dying from that debuff.
I've used Vuhdo since, and overtime have gotten more confident with it enough to use more and more of it's inbuilt features. A guy called Ihato (I think) did a setup walkthrough early on after it's inception, you can goggle it, but alot of my mates more computer literate than I have found it real easy to set up and work. The walkthrough has not been updated and Vuhdo has gone through quite some changes as the Author responds to suggestions and fixes bugs with satisfying regularity, but it is still a useful walkthrough for a start.
I have also for a brief time used grid/clique, but went back to healbot. Then Vuhdo.
It's a healers addon, written for and by a healer and with the healing masses input and suggestions put to effective use. Same day replies, and fixes to problems that have arisen for users you can't get better than that IMO that is lol.