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Gold Capped: Casual auctioneering {WoW}

May 6th 2010 12:33AM I have found a nice little niche right now for the last 3 weeks plus I have slowly driven wool from 4-6 a stack to 11-13 a stack on a consistent basis, started out with just 50 gold on a level 1 toon and now have somewhere in the area of 3k in the gb I made.

I still have 2 and a half tabs of wool, usually hit the Ah in the morning, around lunch and then just before turning in for the night.

Breakfast Topic: World PvP {WoW}

Apr 8th 2010 11:08AM Man PVP used to really tick me off, I had never played a online game before until my wife and son bugged me to death to try WOW out so I created a trial account and rolled a human mage completed all the starting quest and went out to see the big world, I no sooner got into Goldshire than I was promptly killed by a raid of Horde rolling into Goldshire.

Believe me I was introduced to many more kills while leveling, I am the kind of person leave me alone and I will leave you alone and did not understand the need to kill somebody constantly that was many levels under you. After dying many many deaths I made a vow I may be low level but I bet I can be a big nuisance so I would just res get behind some of the Baddies LOL and do whatever i could to interrupt their plans.

Now here it is 2 and a half years later and I am the one doing the same thing and to really make this funny I faction changed and joined the Guild that was responsible for almost 90 percent of my frustration while leveling. We have a huge RPPVP presence on our realm and every Sunday we have a STV patrol to make sure the horde wins the fishing tourney, and we are in the process of getting patrols together for the new northrend fishing tourney.