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WoW Rookie: More Cataclysm changes for leveling players {WoW}

Apr 16th 2010 8:17AM IMO
Save the Trees. Because druid ARE Shape shifters .

BUT i would be willing to go along with it if the new ability was VERY close to this:

Metamoratree = You transform into a Tree for 30 sec. This form increases your armor by 600%, healing by 5%, reduces the mana cost of your healing over time spells by 20% and reduces the chance you'll be critically hit by melee attacks by 6% and you become immune to Polymorph and Movement Impairing effects.

*= You gain some unique demon abilities in addition to your normal abilities.
2 or 3 minute cooldown. (And have a glyph reduce the cooldown by 1/2)

Wile in this form you get the following Abilities
1) Healing touch becomes a instance cast.
2) Wile in tree form Tranquility is in effect

Breakfast Topic: Personal blooper reel {WoW}

Apr 15th 2010 2:40PM This happened yesterday. After a night of light raiding (Weekly, OS3D). A few of my guilde’s got
together to do the Daily H (Pally heals and 3 DPS). WE got H-CoS. Mhe. The Pug Tank , a descent DK tank. Well we do fine up to the Gauntlet. Start Arthas up and Have no problems all the way to the End. So to make it quicker I pop Aspect of the Pack and we rush to Infinite Corruptor and down him Ezaly.
Ok on to Mal’Ganis.
Ok Arthas lets go. Arthas? Arthas? I say Oh Bleep. We lost Arthas. So I and the DK go get Arthas. Where is he all the way at the being of the Gauntlet. We start him up again Adds spawn, I yell WE need help NOW! Tank goes down all most immediately, I see the rest of them go down, and FD (GOT to LOVE FD)  . They REZ come back in. and we start it up again. This time tank gets to far ahead healer can’t get to him in time he goes down and then we all go down. (I FD in the middle of the first section of the gauntlet (did me no good this time :P)) tank drops. LoL abound. We wait a few Minutes and we get a Bear Tank. (At least this one is friendlier.) We tell him what we are at. We get to the gauntlet, start it up and we get to the end. Turn around to start him up. Arthas? OMG not again. At least this time he was at the half way point. We stay with him this time. And finally down Mal’Ganis. And this one will not be forgotten.  I am still LoLing and groaning about this one.

Cataclysm Class Changes: Hunter {WoW}

Apr 9th 2010 12:42PM Ranged frost traps?

hell :P

Ranged Snake traps. :)