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The Daily Quest: The Cataclysm raiding debate {WoW}

Apr 28th 2010 3:27AM I have to admit, didn't see this one coming.

That being said being as fairly active raider in my guild it might also solve some annoying issues that we used to encounter when trying to get a progression 10man (normal/hardmode) running. Typically you want you best people and setup per encounter. A high % might "yar!" but a low % will probably say "crap needed more emblems". Basically unless you really want to skip a whole week's worth of raids 10 and 25 man with your main your'e pretty much set to go and raid what ever bosses are on the schedule. (obviously some people will be burned by it but sadly these kind of changes will never manage to satisfy the entire range of customers)

On a personal side line. I think in a way this is gonna be pretty much a make or break depending on 2 major factors...

1 . how much is the hero/valor points system gonna cap to and how really hard are the first encounters gonna be and ofc what is the value of the items gonna be ?

My reasoning about it is like this .. if you get 10 players and then saved for lets say 2 bosses and get 1k points per kill but the cap is like miles away and the rest of the guild is on a sort of standby depending on what's next in store. (and get absolutely no points). This might actually turn more into a Guild management nightmare. (both for fairness and complains) Especially since you can't send the other 10man people to do their own grp. (Since then they would be on a different 25man ID.

2. Content. Needless to say if there is gonna be a CAP on hero/valor points and you got guilds who will probably start with the first raids in a 1x 10man grp to test bosses and stuff and another bunch of people try to keep busy by doing other stuff. The game will require more content for sure. Atm most people still play around with alts and do some occasional grinding and ofc a quick 10man grinder. But I think they will really need to add something for those players who dont' alt much especially since they can't even go and a quick 10man and within the first few weeks of the expansion most 5man runs will start looking like the usual runs.(kinda like we see fos/pos/hor today). In my opinion the new profession /dalies /rebalancing the 5man to make them harder but a bit more rewarding might be the answer.

Anyways that's my thought about this situation. If I misunderstood any of the blue post please feel free to point it out ;)

Officers' Quarters: A friendly loot system {WoW}

Apr 19th 2010 1:26PM At the end of the day you simply can't bend the rules when ever it fits ya. When a guildmaster/officer/Raider Leader takes that first step its usually the start of the downfall of the guild. The reason is clearly obvious without a structure you just end up with a bunch of people whining pre kill of how much they want this and that and hope for charity.

Granted some people might have been trying for a particular loot for weeks while others it might take them a mere matter of a couple of tries, but that's how things go in wow. Tbh if you can't live with those facts your'e better off quitting the game and not just the guild.

Shifting Perspectives: The forest and the trees {WoW}

Apr 14th 2010 2:38AM Personally I've been playing resto druid since the early vanilla days when seeing a hybrid resto/feral geared player wasn't such an unusual thing. Some might call it the dark times for druids, where we were nothing much than scavengers for rogue gear and trying to get some decent healing gear in the hopes for some raiding adventures.

With the imminent release of TBC and the druid community crying out for changes and not being seen as a sort of raid buffer and the sort of innervator and 2nd healer. Blizzard decided to take drastic changes. In my opinion that was really the first end of an era. Druids lost their pure core of being a hybrid class where you can still do decent dps and yet survive against the odds. Hybrids used to be exceptional especially in pvp. It was a trade off, but which at the end of the day I think it gave druids more solid grounds both in TBC and WOTLK.

The tree form per se was thinkered and re thinkered. The original penalties in my opinion were quite severe , speed reduction, only hots , no barkskin, no dmg spells and so on. It kinda made sense .. Your'e casting treeform and therefore you're gaining some meaningful abilities and the expense of others. But ofc people complained about it. Eventually tree got transformed into the way we know it today. Unless I'm mistaken it gives an extra % healing aura , armor , and spell power. All good stats but nothing class breaking.

Atm the real the real victims of these changes are the people that love the "perma form". I can appreciate that. One can only hope that for all of you, you'll get the glyph which should cover all your treeform needs.

For last if I start looking at these classes changes for Cataclysmn you can kinda start to see a sort of an agenda going on. Blizzard declared it openly, they don't want to force you to carry xxx class or xxx player because he/she gives that buff or that xxx healer instead of that because its better for that particular encounter. They want to reach the aim of you picking xxx tanks xxx dps and xxx healers and go and have fun raiding. The goal in principle is good, but ofc for raiders that are in progression runs and stuff are used to adjust the raid layout per encounter so this wasn't really an issue. Needless to say this is intended for the ones with a casual approach to the game. So far we've seen priests and druids and shammy(don't know much about shammies) changes.. priests will have some alterations to make their class more attractive for tank healing and druids will be forced to use more alternative heals solutions (no more rejuv/wg raid blanketing and tranq might work more like divine hymn and also more viable as tank healers) these changes for me show blizzard's agenda into normalising all classes including healing ones. Will be interesting to see the pally changes. Wouldn't be so shocked if all of a sudden they gain some sort of a hot and aoe heal after all these years. Probably for them its easier to control a class out of form and just adjust the stats and peformance of the treeform healing boost especially once the expansion goes live.

Anyways won't keep dragging. Atm all I can say is that some changes are always harder than others to accept but on the long run this might open up new aspects on the class. One thing is for sure out of tree form our not so healing abilities might actually be a key element for some of the new encounters. Who knows what blizzard has in mind

Addon Spotlight: Vuhdo {WoW}

Apr 10th 2010 11:18AM Having tried both grid + clique+ GridStatusRaidDebuff and vuhdo.

I really can't say there is anything particularly wrong with it. The features are there and it will cover the basic requirements for most people. Personally I've been using grid for a long while primarly on my resto druid and nowadays on my disc.

The real feature that made vuhdo a bit appealing is the clustering healing, where it allows you to view where players are and being able to direct wildgrowth to that patch of players. but recently I've found out that grid has a similar addon GridStatusCloseUp.

Its probably just me being used to grid's layout but for some reason I feel I can focus better on sharp txt and sharp colours that grid comes along with rather than flashy icons and lots more colour codes etc that vuhdo comes with. There are probably more settings/skins that allow some extra customisation.

I think if I have to be fair my final comment would be if you never used grid and want a straight out of the box ready made addon vuhdo is probably best. If you want an addon that at first might seem a bit overwhelming but allows even further customization I reckon grid still has a lot more to offer.