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Drama Mamas: The case of the gold-selling guildie {WoW}

Jan 14th 2011 3:09PM once again the ole addage about not lending money (directly or indirectly) to friends or family comes to mind. it always ends up bad.

Officers' Quarters: The great raid size debate {WoW}

Nov 1st 2010 9:30PM I think this is a non issue. Even though the gear and difficulty is the same..the 25 man drops alot more gear per win. Thus the piece of gear you are looking for is much greater chance of dropping...and it will be quicker to get the grp geared up cause of it.

And once bosses become farm status in 25 will go even quicker to gear up guildies from the much larger drop numbers in 25.

i think guilds that run 25s will still run 25s a great deal.

Guest Post: What will be Patch 4.0.1's legacy? {WoW}

Oct 31st 2010 12:19PM I have to this day still hate the cross realm dungeon finder. It was originally suppose to make wait times shorter but the 20 min wait times pre cross server finder is now the same 20 min time post new finder.

One thing I liked the old way was that if you ran enough random dungeons on ur server, you start recognizing people. I cant tell you how many times id see a someones toon and say "hey xyz..nice to see u again" and start chatting about stuff. They arent in my guild..or a friend. But a new acquaintance simply from running randoms int he same server and running into same people. It was fun. Made a bond... AND if someone was a douche, or ninja'ed something, they are on your server and you can have a talk with their guild master.

Now, you get into a random, no one talks..everyone is all connections made. People have no issue hitting need for a purp when everyone else hit greed cause soon as they drop grp you never see them again.

I wish there was an option in the new dungeon finder that you can check or uncheck where if your willing to wait longer, it will make ur whole party from your own server.

Foxconn's Tegra 2-powered Android tablet hands-on (video) {Engadget}

May 19th 2010 10:00PM I have to say this....While I had a iphone and switched to the Droid and am glad i did (love the phone and the carrier much better), and had a macbook pro that i barely used and eventually sold and got a nice Toshiba ultrathin and find i like windows 7 better then mac os X, and while im not gonna get an Ipad due to certain lack of features that i want in a tablet...
...I still have to thank Apple. White im not a Apple fanboy or hater...i do realize and am glad at the stuff they do (hardware wise anyway..not necessarily policy wise) because they make these things possible.
Even thought i dont own an iphone anymore, my Droid would not exsist if it wasnt for the Iphone. And while I am waiting on the first great Android tablet to come out to get one and not the Ipad, this awesome exciting tablet boom would not be here if it wasnt for the Ipad.

So while i Apple products arent for glad they exsist..cause the other stuff that are for me wouldnt be around if it wasnt for them.

Netflix iPad app updated to support video out to TVs and monitors {Engadget}

May 19th 2010 9:52PM Hence why eventually I have no doubt HD streams will be coming soon. With 3g using normal streams and wifi using HD. But again...they gotta test it and play with it..get rid of the bugs..and they only have so many people on their staff so they gotta prioritize.

Netflix iPad app updated to support video out to TVs and monitors {Engadget}

May 19th 2010 9:50PM People need to realize that these companies by and large arent stupid. But they cant hold and app and not release it cause they need to add xyz...or improve abc...if they did the app would never come out.
They release a stable basic app first..then add to it with updates. I have no doubt netflix had plans to have video out for the app from the start and that people bitching about it had nothing to do with them finally adding it. I think it was a matter of they did update after update..added feature after feature and this one happened to be the one they got around to adding the video out capabilities. It takes time to write test it over and wrinkle out the big bugs..just be patient.

Google's Larry Page says there's 'something wrong' if your Android phone's battery doesn't last all day {Engadget}

May 19th 2010 3:28PM The three biggest causes of battery drain are your screen, voice calls, data/gps connection.
The voice cant be helped. Its a phone. You talk on it for as long as you need to.
The screen can be helped. Set the screen to a low brightness. And only bring it up when you need to do specific things like watch a video or read small text, etc.. Its easy to keep a widget to do it so its not even a hassle. Also set your default screen off time to a lesser amount.
The GPS/Data signal thing I think is a huge problem. Most programs have sync/pull data off the air features. Rss readers updating, auto check ins for four square like services, etc..etc..most people want the 'latest' info so they set their apps to do it every 5 min. Well when you have 20 apps all connecting and downloading every 5 min, its gonna kill the batter. Set most to manual. Why have it download info in the background, when with a decent 3g connection and patience of waiting 20seconds you can click the update button and do it only when your actually gonna use it.

Fallowing these simple guidelines allows my Droid to last the whole day with it finally getting to the sub 20% mark when i get home after work to plug it in.

What the HTC EVO 4G packaging does -- but hopefully won't -- look like {Engadget}

May 16th 2010 11:27AM I dont understand these posts. Who cares about the packaging? Do you really show it off to people? As long as its sturdy enough to ensure the contents are safe and not damaged i dont care if it comes in a brown box.
Frankly id rather have a cheaper box and contents and shave $20 bucks off phone price then a fancy one. Cause seriously, it costs money to make that packaging..and do u really thing the company is gonna pay for it out of pocket? No..we are in the end price.

Adobe targets Apple in ad campaign launched today, publishes open letter from founders {Engadget}

May 13th 2010 10:08AM @Wesscoast Its not about games..that was an example..its about profit by control. yes SOME games are advanced..but they are NOT anything that cant be done with flash. Yes the free games in the web will be no more advanced then the free games on the app store...but what im talking about is what if someone like PopGames or other large game developers that create complex polished games started creating their own Flash web their own min app stores by simply vising their mobile websites. and then BAM..NO revenue sharing..and NO dismal app store approval processes. Their to consumer.

Adobe targets Apple in ad campaign launched today, publishes open letter from founders {Engadget}

May 13th 2010 10:05AM @Kelmon Except html5 has yet to be fully finalized, and is still in its infancy. Im not taking about 4-5 years down the line when html5 is ubiquitous and everywhere and well developed. Im taking about as close as this year when 10.1 comes out and Flash developers can start making games and apps directly for it.