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Drama Mamas: The case of the friendly hermit {WoW}

Aug 21st 2010 6:34AM Introvert? eh?

I'm an extrovert, I have lots of people I know, few friends. That's how most people are really. The thing is to me what your saying is I will conduct a friendship with someone on my own terms and if it's not on my own terms then go away.

Friendships aren't one way streets, you don't always get to chose when other people have issues or when a social event needs your attention. It's the price you pay for having social interactions with a fellow human being. For example when I log onto WoW I have a friend who will without a shadow of a doubt talk my ear of the minute I'm on. Does it annoy me? yeah sometimes, but she's a friend so I'll give her my attention because frankly thats more important to me then killing 10 bears or whatever.

Maybe the reason you might find it difficult to make friends in RL is because you see them as a means to an end ?

Private server company forced to pay Blizzard $88 million {WoW}

Aug 14th 2010 7:54PM I often wonder why Blizzard even bother at all with these lawsuits.

I mean who benefits from winning this, Blizzard? Not really, the scapegamming servers aren't WoW servers, there WoW emulation servers. Without Blizzard databases there just poor copies/interpretations or WoW there now near as good as the real thing. The atmosphere is even worse then most PUGs on normal servers so you getting a vastly inferior service, so on that level scapegamming isn't offering anything that's competitive to retail WoW. Moneywise it's unlikely they'll see even a fraction of those damages as that looks like a default judgement because the defendant didn't respond, not much hope there then.

Even if you take the 'microtransaction' argument, all of these private servers operate that, money for 'GM' powers, for boosts and other things. Are Blizzard going to bring all those dozens of servers to court? Come on.

To me it just smacks of American Capitalist, 'bulldooze everything in your path, no matter if it's a threat' thinking. Glider I can understand, this is just petty imo, I wonder next if they'll go after goldselling websites...somehow I don't think so :P

Arcane Brilliance: The early levels for Cataclysm mages {WoW}

Aug 14th 2010 5:30PM Thats why there changing it feniks, for the subs. There hoping that those people who came on board with Wrath will want to level another alt up and enjoy the experience so much they'll get those 70% of people who quit after lv10/new casual new MMO to come on board :P

Sound pretty good for new mages, for people playing since vanilla, didn't you move on around 2008? :P

Breakfast Topic: Tank anxiety {WoW}

Aug 3rd 2010 8:42AM I originally started tanking with my paladin at the beginning of TBC basically because I was terrible as a healer, (My reaction's and knowledge wasn't good enough, I improved but I didn't 'get' it). I started tanking as a necessity even though it wasn't as common back then and became quite good, if I do say so myself, (It helped that I had a warrior raiding as well so I could appreciate the difference between styles of tanking).

Three years later I can't really be bothered with it anymore, it's boring to me now and there's nothing left for me to learn as a tank. Also people tend to use you if your half decent as a tank/healer and if your in a guild where people aren't that great and you spend week after week trying to stop them killing themselves it gets....tiring :P

With that said I always appreciate that tanking is a thankless task at times where all the pressure, of what should be a fun activity, is on you. I do feel many people are really sick of dailies/repeated content and are looking for the quickest way to get through it (I once had a HOL heroic run, which took less then 25minutes, and a warlock who decided to pull a mob start screaming at me because I didn't pull it off him. Apparently I was tanking, 'too slow', I did take joy in watching him do that three times before he got the message, didn't stop the abuse though). If there are errors people are very unforgiving, patience is a premium it seems.

As others have said there's plenty of resources on the internet to help so look there and you will get better if you put time into it. It might be best for a while if you just tank with friends and not PUGS just to get your confidence up. Whatever you do don't stop being a meatshield! :)

Curse acquires MMO-Champion {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2010 6:16AM Since the WoWMatrix debacle and the issues the client/website had security wise, (and Curses over the top lawyer threatening reaction to users bringing the point up), I've never been a big fan of theres.

While I'm not a frequent user of MMO Champion, it would be my first stop for up to the minute datamined news. Frankly I can only see that site going downhill after this announcement.

Breakfast Topic: When a character just doesn't click {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2010 3:11PM @Sonnenwende

I think that's a very good piece of advice and at least you can come on an evening and with leveling get something done and with Cata the whole thing will be reset again so you can level the ones that really interest you.

I think those who are saying it's , 'dumb', if you get forced into a role you don't always want to fill are being short sighted. There are many times and situations with guilds where you might want to fill a role. Maybe there your friends and you want to help or maybe it's your chance to see some content you wouldn't normally see on your 'favorite' spec/toon. Of course it's your sub, but there is a certain amount of peer pressure or even a goal orientated angle to some of these decisions.

However with that being said generally I find if it isn't the role you want to play then it generally doesn't end well. I had major problems with my tanking paladin, I like tanking and I'm pretty good at it if I do say myself but I felt that in the guild I was in I was being constantly used. We pretty much abandoned 25man ICC because some people couldn't, 'get it', and went to doing two 10mans. Unfortunetly for me I was in the ,'other', group because the other off tank was best friends with the main tank and was lumbered with peoples alts and other non-raiders who just fancied doing raiding that night. Long story short I left because I was lumbered in a role within the guild which I frankly didn't sign up for.

As for other characters, I love my dps warrior and DK but that sort of melee dps is in abundance on my server so it doesn't really get a look in. On the other hand my lock and rogue are characters I could make progress with but frankly I've never enjoyed them. I'm way past the point of fitting in with other peoples schedules after seeing how it always ends after five years of this game :D

Officers' Quarters: Destructive criticism {WoW}

Jul 20th 2010 8:12AM Interesting topic for sure, In my five years I've had numerous experiences of this sort of situation.
In my opinion I think a lot of newer players who joined with Wrath simply aren't used or don't expect to have to learn how to play well in a raid environment. They've gone through 80 levels doing whatever they thought was fun and now... 'some other jerk is telling me how to play? Screw you, I just wanna come on and get some stuffs and go back to my life' :P As a guild leader I encountered that quite a bit with some players, or the knee jerk outrage at what was expected of them in a raid environment. Back in vanilla when I started raiding you had to really know everything about your class and be an expert, know which professions for consumables, and so on. Much like the other article on here (40 hour week one), that was way too much commitment and I'm glad the game has changed from that.

These days I think it can be more a case of 'coaching' some people the right way. I've found that when I direct some players to elitest jerks and so on their enjoyment of the game increases ten fold. Because it's empowering to them, their in control now and feel they have the knowledge to do their job better. Saying that there are some who just won't listen and if their that stubborn then their not worth having in your guild.

The two modes of criticism you were talking about was interesting because I have found sometimes there not mutually exclusive :P For instance I was in a raiding guild were certain dpsers, (and one healer I might add) with over 5.2k GS were pulling very average numbers or just not understanding a particular encounter like Rotface 25man. However none of these people were ever called out about it or encouraged to improve because of their 'status' within the guild, (For instance one of them was the MT girlfriend, the other a long standing officer etc,etc). The situation went on for three months, yes three months on Rotface because those people weren't , 'allowed' to be critised no matter what the approach was. Before you ask this was a progression guild that had ambitions of being top 5 on the server lol.

So I personally don't think both modes are always exclusive and if your in that situation then progress wise your stuffed :P. I think the op really was right to try to talk to him if that's he's job and it's hurting progress. If he can't take any critique and blows up like that he probably isn't worth having around :P

Drama Mamas: My guildies are turning into alcoholics! {WoW}

Jun 25th 2010 5:39PM I freely admit I can only play the game now when I'm drunk and on vent I always found that a great extended social experience.

However that's not how everyone likes it, so I left a guild a while ago because basically I didn't want to become an issue for some people. The funny thing was that there were people who were, 'allowed' to get drunk and say whatever they like but others, who weren't insulting to anyone, who weren't allowed to get away with it.

It's the double standards that kill people kids :P

Wrath Retrospective: Raiding Naxxramas, Malygos and Sartharion {WoW}

Jun 10th 2010 7:50AM The main problem with encounters like Malygos was that many new people joined the game when Wrath hit and the game up to this point is a cakewalk. EoE you had to take some responsibility for yourself and people didn't like that.

With Naxx, (oh and I challenge the suggestion that the article writer thought that Naxx was a great success. I thought the idea was a shameless attempt at lazy design, regardless of how you or Rossi try and dress it up. However that is just my anecdotal opinion based on myself and the people I know, as is yours, I hope you can remember that), if you had two or three people who had a rough idea of what was going on they could guide the rest through.

Thus I believe the assumption came to many new players that the game was all like this, constant reward with minimal effort. When these newer players tried EoE it must have been a complete shock. I remember well leading a guild trying EoE when it was relevant and two of our healers whispering me after our fourth wipe, with words to the affect of 'Can we stop this? It's not fun and it's too hard'. I was in shock but I shouldn't of been. It wasn't there fault they had just expected to be led through these things and get instant gratification. EoE isn't a hard encounter however it does require people to take responsibility for themselves and a lot of people simple don't want that IMO

In regards to the playerbase Blizzard probably did the right thing, with the various modes you can enable an instance for added difficulty. I don't like it, ( I thought TOTC various modes was cheap and the Onyxia revival the same), but there not trying to appeal to me, it's for the newer subbers and from a business stand point it makes sense.

For those who are newer they can experience the encounters and those who want to show of in Dalaran there's the harder modes. Win, win for Blizzard, less work more subs. Though I don't like it, I have to admire Blizzard for adapting to the needs of most players when it comes to raiding and it looks like it'll get even better for some in Cataclysm :)

Guild life pre-Cataclysm: Surviving the end times {WoW}

May 15th 2010 7:35PM Good suggestions here

Although LK might be a b***h the real guild breaking boss is burn out at the moment. I'm one of those people who frankly just can't be bothered to login, it's end of expansion blues, had the same thing at the end of BC as well.