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The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Protection in 4.0.1 -- a Cataclysm spec in a Wrath world {WoW}

Nov 6th 2010 5:53AM ... What? I have no threat problems, single target or aoe. If anything, my threat is higher than it ever was in Cata.

Single target, I can out-threat mages that unload 20k DPS in the first minute of a fight. A few minutes later, I'm so far ahead that I can pretty much just dance with the boss.

Multi target, a quick rend + TC (and maybe a glyphed cleave) reliably rounds them up, then shockwave and I may as well not bother with omen. Vengeance ensures that I'll get to 10k+ dps very quickly. With AOE spells being nerfed pretty hard, that first half-second during the pull is the only time anyone can hope to pull aggro.


Breakfast Topic: Has 4.0.1 brought you back to WoW? {WoW}

Oct 16th 2010 9:58AM I was already playing wow when 4.0.1 hit, but wow is it a great motivator for sticking around the next two months, polishing off all those old achievements that are going away in Cataclysm.

The new tanking? LOVING IT. It seems like a middle ground between the brutal difficulty of vanilla tanking, versus the facerolling of wrath. Just enough to make tanking interesting. Tanks can have skill again!

The new healing? Too soon to tell as it's all geared for 85, but as a disc priest, the changes to smite and the new archangel talent just make me wet. DPSing things adds another dimension to my disc priest's life, and a very welcome dimension, at that.

I also welcome the stat changes, though mastery seems a bit weak for the time being, at least for some classes. I'm sure that's like the deeps problems some specs are having though, kinks that need to be worked out. After all, unlike the last two expansions, this one isn't just adding straight buffs... it's reworking and even nerfing sections of WoW at the same time, on a vast scale.

Breakfast Topic: Has playing WoW changed your life? {WoW}

Oct 14th 2010 2:07PM No inspiring stories, here. I can't say that WoW's saved my life, or introduced me to someone special, or helped me through a rough time. But I've met many friends in WoW. Some of them have become RL friends; others remain names on a ventrilo list but are better than many RL friends I've had.

And I think that's worth mentioning, isn't it? :)

Guest Post: Confessions of a noob rogue {WoW}

Oct 10th 2010 2:37AM I should note that the only other painful leveling experiences are the priest, prior to obtaining vampiric touch at 50, and enhancement shaman, prior to 41~. But at least they don't have to wait for 80 :P. I've purposely left out healing specs in this comparison ;)

Guest Post: Confessions of a noob rogue {WoW}

Oct 10th 2010 2:34AM Until you run into a member of the opposite faction.

Guest Post: Confessions of a noob rogue {WoW}

Oct 10th 2010 2:30AM I have nine eighties and a lot of 60-70's, including four rogues (80, 74, 70, 66). /qualifications

Of all the classes, rogue is the biggest bitch to level nowdays. It has the most downtime, the least killing power and no AOE (unless you're combat and like to bash bricks against your head, in which case you get a few seconds of 2-target AOE every 2 minutes). It has one AOE spell if blade flurry is not counted, and that's fan of knives.... acquired at LEVEL 80.

That's right, you can't AOE until you've hit heroics. So not only is your solo leveling lacklustre, you can't even take refuge in groups. Any other class with a half-decent player behind it will beat you to the ground in damage and dps. Add to this that if you want a less painful leveling experience (MoD, improved stealth speed, maybe the +ambush crit talents), particularly on a PvP server, you have to go at least some way into subtlety and leveling talents, which kills your damage even further in instances.

And yes, it really is that bad. Bandage/eat every 2-4 mobs. Two same level mobs on you? Cooldowns. Three mobs? Best vanish and try that pull again. It's most telling when you arrive in outland. Even with BoA weaponry and after acquiring BC gear upgrades, the entirety of Hellfire Peninsula is painfully brutal.

It's highlighted even more if you were to create a blood death knight, which also deals mainly in physical damage, and bring it to outland at 58 with its default quest gear (which is slightly below outland quality). Proceed to two-shot infernals, pull 8~ fel orcs at once, solo Cruel's Intentions and come out of it all with full health, roaring for the next pull. It's not just death knights, though. Non-holy paladins, shadow priests, warriors, non-resto druids, warlocks, mages, shaman, hunters... some are more adept at others at melting face but they are all significantly ahead of our poor pointy-weaponed friends.

I can only hope that Cataclysm helps to smooth the leveling experience over.

Drama Mamas: Spearheading morality {WoW}

Oct 9th 2010 3:24AM In vanilla, there was a marked difference between factions. Generally speaking:

Alliance: More immature people ("immoral" people, I guess). On the flip side, there also tended to be more "nicer" people.

Horde: More mature people. Also more elitists.

This is not exclusive, it is simply an observance of ratios. Both sides had all of the above.

I stress, however, that this was in vanilla. I play both sides on several servers and as time has passed, the community has homogenised. I suspect that both WoW's age and the introduction of a pretty horde race helped this along. Nowdays, someone harking a difference between factions is either very old school or very new.

Interestingly though, there is still a measurable difference between PvE and PvP crowds; a PvE has a higher instance of drama queens, but also of mature and kind people. PvP servers have more asshats, but more serious people too; ironically, the best PvE is on PvP servers. xD

Drama Mamas: Tank entitlement {WoW}

Aug 29th 2010 4:51PM Preamble: I've been tanking since vanilla and, I am not ashamed to say, am very, very good at it. However, I have been [i]better[/i] at it at some point in the past. I used to wait for healer mana, to stop and explain fights, to patiently let the group catch up and give breathers. Time has turned me into an asshole.

It's not that I'm elitist or anything. I just feel so familiar with the game that my patience with anything less than a blistering speed run approaches zero. So, I just make assumptions: that the rest of the LFD group is capable. I assume that people know the fights, that people know their class, that people know the pulls and the shortcuts, that people have "raid awareness". Predictably, things go belly-up rather often for me.

But that's with randoms, and this is where my [b]point[/b] comes in to play. It seems like the only reason for the frothing hate in LFD groups is that you have no incentive to not act like an anonymous asshat. Amongst my friends and guildies, even aquaintances, I make no changes to my tanking. We'll get a group or half-group together, hit up a heroic and I'll set off like a yapping dog let off its leash for the first time in three days, pulling groups en masse and treating the ground like lava. My goal is fairly simple: kill all of the bosses in the instance in (self) record time.

In a LFD group, it's 50/50 as to whether I'll have people breathing down my neck for this behaviour. But when I'm with guildies, they love it. Those used to my tanking adopt the same sort of behaviour and get very impatient with other tanks, while loving every second of our hectic fast-paced clearing. Those new to my tanking, who normally would 50/50 bag me out, universally profess their enjoyment of the run and/or call me insane... after they've caught their breath... and sign up for more.

Maybe it's just anonimity that's the problem? Getting matched with people you don't care about, and have no incentive to give a chance to?

Drama Mamas: Hacking a friend's account {WoW}

Jun 25th 2010 6:16PM This post is not constructive or compassionate or even informative in any way, but...

Does anyone else think this DM story is freaking AWESOME? It's like something from a sitcom.