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Breakfast Topic: To what lengths have you gone for your raid? {WoW}

Oct 11th 2010 9:03AM This was just a few weeks ago, but I went to the ER one afternoon for a kidney stone. I was in line for a cat scan when I (on IV pain meds) told the nurse that I had a raid later that evening and would I be finished with enough time to get home...and would I be this dopey?

She pushed me ahead of another patient (nurse was a wow player) and I was concerned but she said other patient wasn't as dire as I I agreed.

She also gave me oral pain meds on my release instead of another shot so I wouldn't be as loopy.

We raided quiet successfully that night...when I could have been lazing in the ER, enjoying my morphine.

Breakfast Topic: What does your class choice say about you? {WoW}

Oct 10th 2010 11:07AM My main is a NE DK frost DW dps. I'll have to say this is my complete opposite. In RL I am very small in stature, I've got an auto-immune disease that makes me rather weak and fragile, I tend to be passive and am also submissive.

My DK is tall, strong, likes to be all up in it, can kick some ass, and if she can't kill it, she'll die trying.

Breakfast Topic: Using "IRL," IRL {WoW}

Apr 14th 2010 10:29AM If I'm busy around the house, cooking or whatever, and need my son to watch the stove, I'll tell him, "Brb, bio". Luckily he plays WoW and gets it...even if he's only 8. I did hear him tell a friend the other day the he "aggro'd mom" when coming in from school and now had a "daily" to take the trash out. >.>